Big Surf Radio Playlist
March 6, 2012

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:57 pm 'Route 67' Dalek Beach Party "... Ride Again" (DBP)
07:53 pm 'Steel Trap' The Eliminators "Room to Move" (Eliminator)
07:49 pm 'Horizon Riders' Insect Surfers "Mojave Reef" (Marlin)
07:47 pm 'Dagnabit' The Alohas "Get Leid With ..." (Off the Hip) [Australia]
07:41 pm 'Secret Agent Man' Los Coronas "Surfin' Tenochtillan" (Isotonic) [Spain]
07:39 pm 'Ridin' the Wild Surf' Husky and the Sandmen "Ridin' the Wild Surf" (Gas) [Finland]
07:36 pm 'Big Red Sign' Whiskey Kill "Pissed Off Betty" (Whiskey Kill)
07:33 pm 'Döner' The Surfadelics "Sugoi!! Kawaii!! Atarashii!!" (Kustom Rekord) [Italy]
07:30 pm 'Deaf Man's Surf (Difficult to Cure)' El Supernaught "Viva!" (Longplay Music) [Finland]
07:28 pm 'Gusanos' The Tequila Worms "Cantina" (Tequila Worms)
07:26 pm 'The Haunted Wind' No Smoking On Board "Boards and Bikinis" (NSOB) [Portugal]
07:24 pm 'Surfing with the Gypsies' Mullet Monster Mafia "Dogs of the Seas" (Orleone) [Brazil]
07:16 pm 'Le Party' Surferigno "[S/T]" (Surferigno) [Italy]
07:14 pm 'Ghost Riders in the Sky' The AmpFibians "Wild Watusi Weekend" (AmpFibians)
07:12 pm 'Looking at the World Through a Windshield [live]' Bill Kirchen "Hot Rod Lincoln Live!" (Hightone)
07:10 pm 'Dune Buggy War at Pismo Beach' Mofos "Supercharged on Alcohol" (Hell Beach)
07:08 pm 'Fasten Seatbelts' The Razorblades "Get Cut by ..." (Surf Waves) [Germany]
07:03 pm 'The Ledge' The Man from RavCon "Rides Again!" (RavCon)
07:01 pm 'Siesta on the Jersey Riviera' Diamondheads "Sonic Blue" (Diamondheads)
06:58 pm 'The Way I Walk' Robert Gordon with Link Wray "[S/T]/Fresh Fish Special" (Raven)
06:56 pm 'Charlie Don't Surf' Pollo Del Mar "Charlie Does Surf [VA]" (Rickshaw)
06:53 pm 'Baha-Ree-Ba!' The Trademarks "Get a Board [VA]" (Satan)
06:48 pm 'Infiltrating the Temple' The Infrareds "Recorded on Microfilm" (Infrareds)
06:46 pm 'Eighteen' The Flatfoot Shakers "Shakin' Tonight" (Preston) [Australia]
06:43 pm 'Koitere Twist' The Spectre "Flaming Star" (Twangsville Productions) [Finland]
06:39 pm 'Wudy's Ghost' The Deadlies "The Deadlies Go To Nashville" (Diamond Zephr)
06:36 pm 'Tribal Fires' The Madeira "Tribal Fury" (Double Crown)
06:29 pm 'Bobby Peru' Los Plantronics "Rancho Notorious!" (Mariachi Productions) [Noruego]
06:26 pm 'Riff-A-Go-Go' The Atlantics "Twangin' Around the World, Vol. 3 [VA]" (Twangsville Productions) [Australia]
06:24 pm 'Pucker Paint' Huelyn Duvall "Wild Men Ride Wild Guitars [VA]" (Hollowbody)
06:22 pm 'Tunisian Moon' Los Twang! Marvels "Jungle of Twang" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
06:20 pm 'The Whammy [live]' Pollo Del Mar "KFJC Fifth Battle of the Surfing Bands 2011 [VA]" (KFJC)
06:17 pm 'Strait Six' Big Ray and the Futuras "Volume 4" (Big Ray and the Futuras)
06:14 pm 'Anna Vienna' Impala "Night Full of Sirens: Anthology '93-'97" (Electraphonic)
06:10 pm 'Devil's Left Hand' Dave Arcari "Nobody's Fool" (Dixiefrog) [Scotland]
06:08 pm 'Bullwinkle Pt. 2 [live]' Cocktail Preachers "Intoxicaing" (Cocktail Preachers)
06:04 pm 'Washout' Aqualads "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown)