Big Surf Radio Playlist
September 25, 2012

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:56 pm 'Dragstrip Murder Mystery' The Surfaders "Dragstrip Murder Mystery" (Turbasco) [Netherlands]
07:53 pm 'Garage Surf Monster' The Telestons "[S/T]" (The Captain Lost His Pipe) [Greece]
07:51 pm 'Espia en Vacaciones' Spy-Fi "Espia en Vacaciones" (Sivle)
07:45 pm 'Cyclops' Rev Hank "Longhorn" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
07:42 pm 'Rogue Wave' The Madeira "Sandstorm" (Double Crown)
07:40 pm 'Runnin' Wild' The Belmont Playboys "Hot Rod Heart" (Teen Rebel)
07:37 pm 'Top Secret' The Lunatics "Beware" (Lunatone) [Finland]
07:34 pm 'Snow White Survive' The Shockwave! "Death Race" (Gas) [Finland]
07:31 pm 'Wave Runner' Maeds Dominos "The Big T" (Maeds Dominos) [Sweden]
07:28 pm 'The Man With The Stolen Gun' The Palermo Surf Experience "Tips from the Inside: Surf Rock" (Apollo Live) [Denmark]
07:25 pm 'La Suegra a/k/a Mother In Law (with Big Sandy)' Los Straitjackets "Sing Along With ..." (Cavalcade)
07:23 pm 'Aunt's Invasion' Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet "Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham" (Cargo) [Canada]
07:20 pm 'Fistfull of Amphetamines' The Cadillac Hitmen "The Assassin" (Cadillac Hitmen)
07:15 pm 'The Wild Mouse' Los Straitjackets "The Further Adventures of ..." (Yep Roc)
07:12 pm 'Magyara' Meshugga Beach Party "Hot Rod Hanukkah" (Halakahiki)
07:09 pm 'How Long Can She Last (Goin' That Fast)' Webb Wilder and the Beatnecks "It Came From Nashville" (Landslide)
07:07 pm 'Volcanova' The Kilhaueas "Profesor Volcanova" (Allscore) [Germany]
07:04 pm 'Above the Clouds' The Man From RavCon "The Traveler" (RavCon)
07:01 pm 'El Baile Final' Los Coronas "El Baile Final De Los Locos Y Los Cuerdos" (Tritone) [Spain]
06:59 pm 'Crash' The Creations "The Birth of Surf [VA]" (Ace)
06:57 pm 'Blue Blue Day' King Drapes "King Drapes Stomp" (Raucous) [Finland]
06:54 pm 'Happy Tappy' The Concussions "Fall In Love With ..." (Double Crown)
06:51 pm 'The Tube' Sr. Bikini "Surf Extremo" (Pepe Lobo) [Mexico]
06:44 pm 'Undertow' The Mariners "Demon Surf!" (Tone Buoy)
06:41 pm 'Colorado Avalanche Theme' Dick Dale "Peel Sessions 10.09.02" (Strange Fruit)
06:38 pm 'All Shook Up' Eduardo Bartrina "Cleaning Up" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
06:36 pm 'Rumba Nova' Bevel Emboss "Celluloid" (BMRD Entertainment/Rough Trade) [Netherlands]
06:34 pm 'Sunday Syndrom' The Astroglides "Channel Surfing with ..." (Fast Music) [Israel]
06:33 pm 'The Enchanted Interrogation Room' The Exotics "The Enchanted Interrogation Room" (Tiki Tone)
06:29 pm 'Conquistador De Las Olas' 9th Wave "Victory at Sunset" (9th Wave)
06:26 pm 'Lonesome Train' Number Nine "Cat'n Around [VA]" (Pink 'n' Black) [UK]
06:24 pm 'Jungle Surf' Bonney & Buzz "Play Rough" (Double Crown)
06:21 pm 'Pedal Pusher' 3 Balls of Fire "Jet Set Guitars" (Deep Eddy)
06:15 pm 'Belly Dance #6' The Phantom Four "Morgana" (Mirananda) [Netherlands]
06:13 pm 'Volcano' El Ray "Highwave to Hell" (Green Cookie) [Denmark]
06:09 pm 'Tennessee Woman' The Planet Rockers "26 Classic Tracks" (Spinout)
06:06 pm 'The Wave Beyond' Dash Melver & the Surfmeisters "Radical Waves [VA]" (Deep Eddy)
06:01 pm 'Waves Beyond the Reef' Husky and the Sandmen "Ridin' the Wild Surf" (Gas) [Finland]