Big Surf Radio Playlist
October 16, 2012

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:59 pm 'Flamenco' Los Coronas "El Baile Final De Los Locos Y Los Cuerdos" (Tritone) [Spain]
07:57 pm 'Road Runner' Wild Sammy & the Royaltones "Speed Crazy" (One Million Dollar) [Japan]
07:55 pm 'Dreidel, Dreidel' Meshugga Beach Party "Hot Rod Hanukkah" (Halakahiki)
07:50 pm 'Giagoula Surf' The Telestons "[S/T]" (The Captain Lost His Pipe) [Greece]
07:40 pm 'Jack the Ripper' Pollo Del Mar "Guitar Ace" (MuSick)
07:38 pm 'Island of the Lost Tiki' 9th Wave "Victory at Sunset" (9th Wave)
07:36 pm 'Epic' Bevel Emboss "Celluloid" (BMRD Entertainment) [Netherlands]
07:34 pm 'Tina the Go-Go Queen' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Deep in the Shadows" (Marilyn)
07:31 pm 'The Traveler' The Man from RavCon "The Traveler" (RavCon)
07:28 pm 'How to Strip for your Girlfriend's Girlfriend' The Concussions "Fall in Love with The Concussions" (Double Crown)
07:24 pm 'El Caballero' The Rattlesnakes "Tornado" (TCY) [Russia]
07:21 pm 'The Cuban Spy' The Surfaders "Dragstrip Murder Mysteryu" (Turbasco) [Netherlands]
07:18 pm 'Ranchero' Big Ray & the Futuras "[S/T]" (Big Ray & the Futuras)
07:16 pm 'The Agent from Planet Spy' Burt Rocket "Savage Iceland" (Double Crown) [Iceland]
07:13 pm 'Shooting the Wormhole' Daikaiju "Phase 2" (DingDong)
07:10 pm 'Ajoen Ajoen [live]' The RoadRunners [from Rampage] (Youtube Video)
07:07 pm 'Ha Ha Cat Walk Baby' Hasil Adkins "Out to Hunch" (Norton)
07:05 pm 'High Tide' The Astroglides "Channel Surfing with ..." (Fast Music) [Israel]
07:02 pm 'New Siberia' Los Straitjackets "Jet Set" (Yep Roc)
06:59 pm 'Trail of Tears' The Mariners "Demon Surf!" (Tone Buoy)
06:56 pm 'Las Vegas Theme' 3 Balls of Fire "Jet Set Guitars" (Deep Eddy)
06:52 pm 'Money Talks' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Red Devil/Sugar Ditch Revisited" (New Rose)
06:49 pm 'El Borracho' The Aqualads "Treasures" (Aqualads)
06:46 pm 'The Beat' King Kongs "Surfin' Circus" (King Kongs) [Russia]
06:38 pm 'Wonderman from Intio' El Supernaught "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown) [Finland]
06:35 pm 'Hey Eddie' Rev Hank "Longhorn" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
06:33 pm 'Teddy Boy Boogie' Crazy Caravan & the Rhythm Rockers "When Rockabilly Ruled OK [VA]" (Cherry Pie) [UK]
06:29 pm 'Devil's Slide' Bonney & Buzz "Play Rough" (Double Crown)
06:23 pm 'Misirlou' The Nematoads "Spy Car Mechanic" (Deep Eddy)
06:21 pm 'La Fin Absolue Du Munde' Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks "La Planeta Suavage" (Docteur Legume) [Italy]
06:18 pm 'Let's Go Down to Brighton' The Razorblades "Radical Waves [VA]" (Deep Eddy) [Germany]
06:15 pm 'No Turning Back' Imelda Clabby & Darrell Higham "Cat'n Around [VA]" (Pink 'n' Black) [UK]
06:12 pm 'Death Race' The Shockwave "Death Race" (Gas) [Finland]
06:10 pm 'Inspector M' Surfpatrouille "Instronaut" (Kamikaze) [Germany]