Big Surf Radio Playlist
November 27, 2012

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:59 pm 'Branded' Link Wray and the Raymen "Mr. Guitar" (Norton)
07:56 pm 'Mr. X or Save the World' Cannibal Mosquitos "Cannibal Mosquitos Surprise Attack" (Dirty Witch) [France]
07:53 pm 'We Four Kings (Little Drummer Boy)' The Blue Hawaiians "Christmas on Big Island" (Restless)
07:49 pm 'King of Sloths' The Bradipos IV "Surf Session" (Teen Sound) [Italy]
07:46 pm 'She's the One That Got It' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Behind the Magnolia Curtain" (Stag-O-Lee)
07:43 pm 'Beyond the Surf' Space Party "Invasion of the Surfer-Men" (Space Party) [Australia]
07:40 pm 'Da Cruella Sun' Los Brillantinas "Pulp-A-Mandrilla" (El Toro) [Spain]
07:35 pm 'Woman Bikini Tragic' The Telestons "[S/T]" (The Captain Lost His Pipe) [Greece]
07:33 pm 'Boo-Men Theme' Stronzo Gelantino and the Boo-Men "Part 1" (Zentral) [Germany]
07:29 pm 'El Pistolero Desmemoriado' The Surfaders "Dragstrip Murder Mystery" (Turbasco) [Netherlands]
07:26 pm 'Lost Train' Shig and the Buzz "Double Diamonds Deluxe" (Shig-A-Sonic)
07:24 pm '13th Ride' The Mustangs "Going Doing" (Bluebird) [Finland]
07:20 pm 'Jingle Bells' Bitch Boys "Quiet Bells of El Monte" (Ikebana) [Slovenia]
07:17 pm 'Big Boss Cowboy' Rev Hank "Longhorn" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
07:15 pm 'Ubangi Stomp' Warren Smith "Rockabilly Legend" (Charly)
07:11 pm 'Run Mustang Run' No Smoking On Board "Boards and Bikinis" (NSOB) [Portugal]
07:08 pm 'Runaway from Zardoz' Los Twang! Marvels "Guitars In Orbit" (El Toro) [Germany]
06:59 pm 'The Ritual' The Madeira "Tribal Fires" (Double Crown)
06:56 pm 'Tic-Tac-Toe' Booker T. & The MGs "The Best of ..." (US Release)
06:53 pm 'Rockabilly Rebel' Ray Campi "Cultural Warrior" (Real Music Productions)
06:51 pm 'Round N' Round' The RoadRunners "Rampage" (ISOMUSTA) [Finland]
06:49 pm 'La Corida de la Coruna' Los Fantasticos "The Devil Went Down to George Street" (Hang9) [UK]
06:47 pm 'Sleigh Ride' Aqualads and Friends "Oso Grande Christmas" (Aqualads and Friends)
06:44 pm 'Walking Down 3rd Street' Los Straitjackets "Jet Set" (Yep Roc)
06:42 pm 'I'm Lookin' for Love' Nick Gilroy Combo "Cat'n Around [VA]" (Pink 'n' Black) [UK]
06:38 pm 'I Like Movies' Bevel Emboss "Celluloid" (BMRD Entertainment/Rough Trade) [Netherlands]
06:36 pm 'Quicksilver Party' The Biarritz Boys "Enjoy the Hip, Slick, Ultra-violent and Super Sexy Surfsound of ..." (Biarritz Boys) [Netherlands]
06:31 pm 'Quicksand' The Jarnos "Twangy Guitars, Silky Strings, Vol. 6 [VA]" (Twangsville Productions) [Finland]
06:28 pm 'Put Your Cat Clothes On' Carl Perkins "Essential Sun Rockabillies, Vol. 1 [VA]" (Charly)
06:26 pm 'Sheba' Johnny & The Hurricanes "The Definitive Collection" (Charly)
06:23 pm 'Spy Man Chase Continues' 9th Wave "Victory at Sunset" (9th Wave)
06:20 pm 'Wraparound' The Cocktail Preachers "Radical Waves [VA]" (Deep Eddy)
06:17 pm 'Double Penetration' El Ray "Continental Magazine #20 [VA]" (Continental Magazine) [Denmark]
06:14 pm 'Mystery Train' Elvis Presley "Sunrise" (RCA)
06:12 pm 'Kilauea Volcano' The Shockwave! "Death Race" (Gas) [Finland]
06:09 pm 'Souvenirs' The Regents "Souvenirs" (Regents) [Finland]
06:05 pm 'The Big Heist' Maeds Dominos "I Can't Believe It's Maeds Dominos" (Maeds Dominos) [Sweden]