Big Surf Radio Playlist
February 26, 2013

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:55 pm 'Fistfull of Amphetamines' The Cadillac Hitmen "The Assassin" (Cadillac Hitmen)
07:54 pm 'Sputnik' Jerry Engler and the Four Ekkos "Collector's Corner" (Songwriters Advocate)
07:50 pm 'Short Circuit' Dalek Beach Party "Ride Again" (DBP)
07:46 pm 'Storm Warning' Teisco Del Rey "The Many Moods of ..." (Upstart)
07:42 pm 'Wendigo Girls' Necronomikids "[S/T]" (Necronomikids)
07:40 pm 'Flyswatter' The Halibuts "Chumming" (Upstart)
07:38 pm 'Hillbilly House' Wild Wax Combo "Ready To Go" (Enviken) [Sweden]
07:35 pm 'Haut Les Mains' The Star and Key of the Indian Ocean "Rock N' Roll Fiasco" (Green Cookie) [France]
07:33 pm 'Surfeando de Noche' Los Santisimos Snorkels "Mascara Vs. Snorkel" (Reverb Producciones) [Mexico]
07:29 pm 'Horses are Walking Over River' Gulag Tunes "Surf Instro Versions of Russian Traditional Jailhouse Songs 2" (Vivisectors) [Russia]
07:25 pm 'Typhoon Sand Beach' The Sellcancers "Exotic Charm" (Sazanami Label) [Japan]
07:19 pm 'I Hate the Moon' Mack Stevens "Hard Core Texas Cat Music" (Rollin' Rock)
07:17 pm 'Surfing Tantor' The Regents "Souvenirs" (Regents) [Finland]
07:13 pm 'Za Feijingu Supaidaa Kyoui' Daikaiju "Phase 2" (DingDong)
07:10 pm 'The Larry Storch Song Trilogy' Death Valley "Que Pasta" (Double Naught)
07:08 pm 'Point Bistro' Phantom Four "Madhur" (Mirananda) [Netherlands]
07:05 pm 'Peggy Sue' Buddy Holly "The Buddy Holly Collection" (MCA)
07:03 pm 'The Wedge [live]' Slacktone "Surf Adventure Tour - Live In Prague" (GoBoy)
07:01 pm 'Ajoen Ajoen' The RoadRunners "Rampage" (ISOMUSTA) [Finland]
06:55 pm 'Jimmy's New Board' The Cocktail Preachers "Intoxicating" (Cocktail Preachers)
06:51 pm 'Diamondback' Insect Surfers "Death Valley Coastline" (Marlin)
06:49 pm 'Move Around, Move Around' Spo-Dee-O-Dee "Gotta Have It" (On the Hill)
06:47 pm 'Virago' The Surftones "Who Stole My Hypnotics?" (Maho Pop) [Finland]
06:44 pm 'Nessie's Haggis Hat' Glasgow Tiki Shakers "Little Orbit" (Tip Top)
06:41 pm 'Nitrous Burn Out' Man or Astro-Man? "Is It ..." (Estrus)
06:39 pm 'Cyclops' Rev Hank "Longhorn" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
06:35 pm 'Judas Kiss' Danger Cakes "Dessert First" (Deep Eddy)
06:32 pm 'Susan Lynne' Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards "Surf It Up!" (Arno De Cea & The Clockwork Wizards) [France]
06:30 pm 'Belmez Faces' Los Walkysons "All Their Greatest and More" (El Toro) [Spain]
06:24 pm 'Arigato Terauchi' Crazy Aces "Greatest Hits Volume 2" (Crazy Aces)
06:21 pm 'El Paso' The Biarritz Boys "Enjoy the Hip, Slick, Ultra-Violent and Super Sexy Surfsound of ..." (Biarritz Boys) [Netherlands]
06:18 pm 'Baby Let's Play House' Jonny Barber & the Rhythm Razors "Golden Plates" (Jonny Barber)
06:16 pm 'Big T' Maeds Dominos "The Big T" (Maeds Dominos) [Sweden]
06:13 pm 'Voyage Around the Moon' The Torquays "Road Trip!" (Tork-A-Disk)
06:11 pm 'Batman (Freefalling)' 4 of Us "Surf Age Nuggets - Trash & Twang Instrumentals [VA]" (RockBeat)
06:08 pm 'Moonrider' TubeStone "Aligretosurfati" (TubeStone) [Slovenia]
06:06 pm 'Long Time In The Ground' Deke Dickerson "Number One Hit Record" (HMG)
06:04 pm 'Test Drive' The Twang-O-Matics "Continental Magazine #20 [VA]" (Continental Magazine) [Norway]
06:02 pm 'Asquerotropic' Sr. Bikini "Surf Extremo" (Pepe Lobo) [Mexico]