Big Surf Radio Playlist
May 14, 2013

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:57 pm 'The Masked Surfer' Mexican Chili Taco Fiesta "[S/T]" (Daddy-O Grande/Primitiv)
07:54 pm 'Flying Fingers' Joe Maphis "Flying Fingers" (Bear Family)
07:48 pm 'Wives and Lovers' Glasgow Tiki Shakers "Songs from Tributes and Compilations, Vol. 1" (Glasgow Tiki Shakers)
07:46 pm 'Surfin' the Casbah' The Wet Tones "Mucho Reverbo" (Ammonia) [Italy]
07:42 pm 'Blood on the Bluegrass' The Legendary Shack Shakers "Cockadoodledon't" (Bloodshot)
07:40 pm 'Jericho' Meshugga Beach Party "Let's Go Shleppin'!" (Halakahiki)
07:38 pm 'Get Smart' The Gasolines "La Shereefa" (Gasolines) [Brazil]
07:33 pm 'The Joker's Wild' Man or Astro-Man? "Destroy All Astromen!" (Estrus)
07:31 pm 'The Quiet Surf' Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers "The Rising Surf" (Sundazed)
07:29 pm 'I Get So Excited' Levi Dexter & the Ripchords "Victims of Kool" (Raucous) [UK]
07:26 pm 'Autumn Leaves' Link Wray & the Raymen "Mr. Guitar" (Norton)
07:24 pm 'Calling All Martians' Spies Who Surf "Calling All Martians" (Monsterdisc)
07:20 pm 'Hawaiian Surf Ride' The Space Agency "Space Agency" (Tremolo) [UK]
07:17 pm 'Lights Out' The Turbosonics "[S/T]" (AmeriSon)
07:15 pm 'Ubangi Stomp' Robert Gordon with Danny Gatton "The Humbler" (NRG)
07:11 pm 'Up Periscope' GT Stringer "Up Periscope" (Tremolo) [Australia]
07:08 pm '36 District' Star and Key of the Indian Ocean "Rock 'n' Roll Fiasco" (Green Cookie) [France]
07:03 pm 'Kolyme' Gulag Tunes "Surf Instro Versions of Russian Traditional Jailhouse Songs" (Vivisectors) [Russia]
06:59 pm 'Ant Invasion' Kill, Baby... Kill! "Corridor X" (Deep Eddy)
06:55 pm 'Black Cadillac' Three Bad Jacks "[S/T]" (Boston Krown)
06:53 pm 'Dark Eyes Beat' The Mustangs "Guitar Mania, Vol. 1 [VA]" (Rarity) [Finland]
06:49 pm 'Misirlou Twist' Dick Dale and his Del-Tones "Surfers' Choice" (Sundazed)
06:44 pm 'Nina's Empty Glass' Susan & the Surftones "Wrap-Around" (OmOm)
06:42 pm 'The Cats Were Jumpin'' Ronnie Dawson "Rockinitis" (Crystal Clear)
06:37 pm 'The Flight of the Bumble-Bee [live]' Los Jets "The Final Concert- 31-10-2009" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
06:35 pm 'The Man With No Ping' The Thurston Lava Tube "Move Over Rover, Let Clover Take Over" (Cordelia) [UK]
06:32 pm 'San Onofre Meltdown' The Surf-Liners "Where's the Surf" (Half-Vast Enterprise)
06:30 pm 'Inspector Neer' The Astroglides "Channel Surfing with ..." (Fast Music) [Israel]
06:27 pm 'Bristol Express' The Nebulas "It's Go! Time" (Tivertone)
06:23 pm 'Johnny Law' Wayne Hancock "That's What Daddy Wants" (ARK 21)
06:20 pm 'Black Flamenco' The Turbosonics "[S/T]" (AmeriSon)
06:18 pm 'The Cheater' The Barbwires "Searider" (Wild) [Sweden]
06:12 pm 'Hunting for the Dead' Kill, Baby... Kill! "Corridor X" (Kill, Baby... Kill!)
06:09 pm 'Waves of Thunder' Martin Cilia "Going To Kaleponi" (Bombora) [Australia]
06:07 pm 'Third Time Lucky' Dave Arcari & the Hellsinki Hellraisers "Whisky In My Blood" (Blue North) [Scotland/Finland]
06:05 pm 'Crash' The Creations "Surf Age Nuggets - Trash and Twang Instrumentals, 1959-1966 [VA]" (RockBeat)
06:00 pm 'Journada del Muerto' 3 Balls of Fire "The Best of the Balls 1988-1998" (Rumplestiltskin)