Big Surf Radio Playlist
September 17, 2013

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

08:59 pm 'Dune Buggy' Splashback "Mrs. Moto" (Splashback)
08:57 pm 'Wipe Out' Bitch Boys "Behind the Hound Dog Walls" (Ikebana) [Slovenia]
08:54 pm 'She Said' Hasil Adkins "Out To Hunch" (Norton)
08:51 pm 'Beach Bunny' The Venturas "Continental Magazine no. 21 [VA]" (Continental Magazine)
08:48 pm 'At the Skyline Drive-In' The Barbwires "Sounds Like Trouble" (Zorch) [Sweden]
08:46 pm 'This Time Tomorrow' The Surfites "Surf Nut! [VA]" (Double Crown/Wormtone)
08:43 pm 'Sputnik 1990s version)' Jerry Engler and the Four Ekkos "Collector's Corner" (Songwriters Advocate)
08:41 pm 'Bikini Machines' The Bambi Molesters "Intensity" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
08:39 pm 'Cor Stein Rides the WIld' The Apemen "Surfvival of de Onbeschofste" (Nitro!) [Germany]
08:36 pm 'Pipeline' Flash Cadillac & the Continental Kids "Rock & Roll Forever" (Epic)
08:30 pm 'Toes On The Nose' Eddie and the Showmen "Squad Car" (AVI)
08:28 pm 'The Gremlin from the Kremlin' The Atlantics "The Complete CBS Recordings '63-'65" (Canetoad) [Australia]
08:23 pm 'Book With Seven Seals' The Lennerockers "Simply Beautiful" (Lennerecords) [Germany]
08:21 pm 'Cap'n Coconuts TV Theme' Frankie & the Pool Boys "The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts" (Double Crown)
08:18 pm 'Swan Lake' RoadRunners "Rampage" (ISOMUSTA) [Finland]
08:13 pm 'Cassandra Complex' The Mystery Men? "Sonos Delirium" (Galdera)
08:11 pm 'Cyclops' Rev Hank "Longhorn" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
08:08 pm 'Poor Man' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Sugar Ditch Revisited" (New Rose)
08:05 pm 'Every Minute Alone' Tremolo Beer Gut "Every Minute Alone" (Crunchy Frog) [Denmark]
08:01 pm 'Off the Richter (Act II)' The Secret Samurai "Gun Sho Gun" (Maud'Dib)
07:58 pm 'Beluga Sunrise' The Space Rangers "Continental Magazine no. 21 [VA]" (Continental Magazine) [Germany]
07:54 pm 'Dagger Bones' The Fathoms "Fathom This!" (MuSick)
07:51 pm 'It's All Over Now' Steve Hooker w/Wilko Johnson "Southchurch Style" (Steve Hooker) [UK]
07:48 pm 'Street Surfer' Martin Cilia "Going to Kaleponi" (Bombora) [Australia]
07:45 pm 'Journey to Calafuria' Bang Mustang "The Big Twang! Theory" (Bang Mustang) [Germany]
07:38 pm 'Tobacco Road' John D. Loudermilk "Rockabilly Stars, Vol. 3 [VA]" (Sony)
07:35 pm 'Bombay Potatoes [mp3 downoad]' The Space Agency (Tremolo) [UK]
07:32 pm 'Raked Over' Threesome "Adriatica" (Double Crown) [Serbia]
07:29 pm 'Dreams' The Surf Coasters "Samurai Struck" (Five Nine Factory) [Japan]
07:27 pm 'Drag Beat' Longboards "Insane! [demo]" (Longboards) [Spain]
07:25 pm 'I Had Too Much To Dream (Last Night)' Davie Allan & the Arrows "Restless In LA" (Sundazed)
07:23 pm 'Black Sand Beach' Yuzo Kayama "Black Sand Beach" (Dreamusic) [Japan]
07:20 pm 'El Cumbanchero' The Ventures "El Cumbanchero/Skip To M'Limbo" (Liberty)
07:15 pm 'Agent Graves' The Biarritz Boys "Enjoy the Hip, Slick, Ultra-Violent and Super Sexy Surfsound of ..." (Biarritz Boys) [Netherlands]
07:11 pm 'Flying Guitar' Terauchi Takeshi "Kenji Sazanami Tribute, Vol. 1 [VA]" (Sazanami Label) [Japan]
07:08 pm 'Rockabilly Boogie' Darrell Higham & the Enforcers "Rockin' With Darrell Higham [VA]" (Vampirella) [UK]
07:06 pm 'Shark Next Door' Tiki Tiki Bamboooos "[S/T]" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
07:03 pm 'Nebula One' The Nebulas "Nebula One" (Tivertone)