Big Surf Radio Playlist
January 14, 2014

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:56 pm 'Surf Me To The Moons of Saturn' Surfadelica "Surfing on the Desert Shore" (Pisces) [Brazil]
07:54 pm 'Fireballs' Star and Key of the Indian Ocean "Vintage Soup" (Green Cookie) [France]
07:51 pm 'Flight of the Bumblebee' Los Twang! Marvels "Prueba de Fuego" (Isotonic) [Germany]
07:49 pm 'Flame of Love' Kim Lenz and the Jaguars "The One and Only" (Hightone)
07:45 pm 'Hail to the King' Los Caminos "Test Pilot!" (Los Caminos) [Canada]
07:41 pm 'Point Break' The Illuminators "Road To Damascus" (Rekall) [Sweden]
07:32 pm 'Kanack Attack' The Volcanics "The Lonely One" (Double Crown)
07:29 pm 'Riders In The Sky' The Chantays "Pipeline" (Varese Sarabande)
07:26 pm 'How You Want It Done' Runnin' Wild "Ritual Rock-A-Billies [VA]" (El Toro) [Belgium]
07:24 pm 'Venus Pussy Polka Riot' Surfpatrouille "Premium Edition" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
07:20 pm 'Arabic' Bevel Emboss "Celluloid" (BMRD Entertainment) [Netherlands]
07:18 pm 'The Jester [live]' The Halibuts "Live at Toes" (Flatfish)
07:15 pm 'La Terrible Maldicion de Tatankamon' Dead Rocks "One Million Dollar Surf Band" (Dead Rocks) [Brazil]
07:12 pm 'Tough It Out (Live)' Webb Wilder "Born To Be Wilder" (Blind Pig)
07:09 pm '330 AM' The Invisible Surfers "Three-Way, Vol. 1 [VA]" (Deep Eddy) [Greece]
07:03 pm 'Tarmac' The Cocktail Preachers "Open Bar Confessional" (Cocktail Preachers)
07:02 pm 'Treble In Paradise' Speedball Jr "Treble In Paradise" (Green Cookie) [Belgium]
06:59 pm 'Desenfunda Forastero' Pedrito Diablo & Los Cadaveras "El Cuerno del Chive" (Green Cookie) [Spain]
06:56 pm 'Deuces Wild' Link Wray and the Raymen "Mr. Guitar" (Norton)
06:53 pm 'Aguave' Pavlov's Woody "Abstract Adventures" (Neat Guy)
06:50 pm 'Last Train' The Surf Coasters "Fly Up!!" (Victor Entertainment) [Japan]
06:44 pm 'Surfs You Right' Laika & the Cosmonauts "Zero Gravity" (Upstart) [Finland]
06:41 pm 'The Khazar' The Secret Samurai "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown)
06:38 pm 'Voodoo Letter' Steve Hooker Rumble "Blue Rumble" (Steve Hooker) [UK]
06:33 pm 'Mutants Death Cult' The Mutants "Mutants Death Cult" (Ranch) [Finland]
06:31 pm 'And the Horse You Rode In On' Urban Surf Kings "Bang Howdy Partner" (USK International) [Canada]
06:28 pm 'Magic Carpet' The Mustangs "Perestroika" (Bluebird) [Finland]
06:26 pm 'Beach Bus' The Longboards "Insane!" (El Toro) [Spain]
06:23 pm 'San Antonio Rose' Marco Di Maggio "The Sensational Guitar Sound of ..." (Thunderball) [Italy]
06:19 pm 'Gaza Surf' Biarritz Boys "Enjoy the Hip, Slick, Ultra-Violent and Super Sexy Surf Sound of ..." (Biarritz Boys) [Netherlands]
06:17 pm 'Plankton Dance' Insect Surfers "Infra Green" (Marlin)
06:13 pm 'Boom' The Mobsmen "Fraternitas Aurum Factorem" (Double Crown) [Norway]
06:10 pm 'No Return' The Vistas "Surf Age Nuggets [VA]" (RockBeat)
06:07 pm 'Flyin' Wheel' King Drapes "Rockabilly Rules!" (Raucous) [Finland]
06:05 pm 'Enter the Green Room' Dr. Surf "Who Is Dr. Surf?" (Pure Fun)
06:02 pm 'Bubble Bath' The Bambi Molesters "Sonic Bullets" (Dancing Bear) [Croatia]