Big Surf Radio Playlist
March 18, 2014

(6:00-8:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

07:58 pm 'Check the Record' El Patapsco "L.R.D.G." (El Patapsco)
07:56 pm 'The Biggest Wave' The Barbwires "Sounds Like Trouble" (Zorch) [Sweden]
07:53 pm 'Surfin' with Sharks' The Silhouettes "The Ocean of Sunken Dreams" (Beat & Twang) [Finland]
07:49 pm 'Mosquito Royale' Atomic Mosquitos "Meltdown" (Nukular Reckerds)
07:47 pm 'Gonna Have Me A Yard Sale' Hasil Adkins "Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha" (Norton)
07:43 pm 'Bei Mir Bist du Schon' Thee Andrews Surfers "Rip-Off!" (Drunkabilly) [Belgium]
07:39 pm 'La Senora Del Muerte' The Nematoads "Il Triello- Three Western Tales [VA]" (Deep Eddy)
07:36 pm 'Dark Pulsar' Reverb Galaxy "Angle of Attack" (Reverb Galaxy)
07:33 pm 'Twilight' Diminished Men "Names of the Dead" (Hector Stentor)
07:30 pm 'Highway 54' Wayne Hancock "That's What Daddy Wants" (ARK 21)
07:27 pm 'Snackie' The Surfacers "[S/T]" (Green Cookie) [Argentina]
07:24 pm 'Stevie's Trip to California' Martin Schmidt "The Incredible Mr. Smith" (General Schallplatten) [Germany]
07:16 pm 'Voyage Around the Moon' Los Jets "40 N - 3 W" H.M.R.) [Spain]
07:14 pm 'Moment of Truth' Dave Myers and the Surftones "Hangin' Twenty!" (Del-Fi)
07:11 pm 'Let the Good Times Roll' Deke Dickerson "More Million Sellers" (Hightone)
07:08 pm 'The Baron' The Volcanics "The Lonely One" (Double Crown)
07:03 pm 'The Final Phase' Daikaiju "The Phasing Spider Menace" (Migoto Radiation)
06:56 pm 'Tears of the Seneca' The Derangers "The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound" (Deep Eddy)
06:51 pm 'Kalumpa' The Gorgonzolas "Get Your Kicks On Omaha Beach" (Gorgonzolas) [Netherlands]
06:48 pm 'Funny Car Graveyard' Lee Rocker "Racin' the Devil" (Alligator)
06:47 pm 'Song of the Lobster' Shadowy Men On a Shadowy Planet "Take Outs" (Derivative) [Canada]
06:44 pm 'Ojos Negros' The Gasolines "Sonido De La Frontera" (Gasolines) [Brazil]
06:41 pm 'Fire Z' Wild Sammy & The Royaltones "Kenji Sazanami Tribute, Vol. 3 [VA]" (Sazanami Label) [Japan]
06:39 pm 'Spicy Danger' Glasgow Tiki Shakers "In Venice" (Tip Top)
06:37 pm 'Tennessee Zip' Brian Setzer "Rockabilly Riot! Vol. 1" (Surfdog)
06:34 pm 'Lacanau' The Mobsmen "Fraternitas Aurum Factorem" (Double Crown) [Norway]
06:30 pm 'Young Gun, Loose Canon' The Biarritz Boys "Enjoy the Hip, Slick, Ultra-violent and Super Sexy Surfsound of ..." (Biarritz Boys) [Netherlands]
06:26 pm 'OK Boys' Tremolo Beer Gut "The Inebriated Sounds of ..." (Crunchy Frog) [Denmark]
06:24 pm 'The Bambino' Instramentaclees "Music to Swing By" (Cat Erratic)
06:21 pm 'Downtown' Levi Dexter & Steve Hooker "Rockabilly Dolls" (1000's) [UK]
06:18 pm 'Manx!' Frankie & the Poolboys "The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts" (Double Crown)
06:16 pm 'Point Bistro' The Phantom Four "Madhur" (Mirananda) [Netherlands]
06:11 pm 'Cherry Cheeks' El Ray "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown) [Denmark]
06:08 pm 'El Campamento Nudista' El Pincho "Three-Way Vol. 1 [VA]" (Deep Eddy) ]Netherlands]
06:06 pm 'Emma' Wild Bob Burgos "Friday Nite Rumble! Vol. 7 [VA]" (Run Wild) [UK]
06:03 pm 'Spy Point' The Diamondheads "Sonic Blue" (Single Coil)
06:01 pm 'Dr. Kilometers (Uncertainty Principle)' The TomorrowMen "It's About Time" (Double Crown)