Big Surf Radio Playlist
September 16, 2014

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:55 pm 'Surfin' with Sharks' The Silhouettes "The Ocean of Sunken Dreams" (Beat & Twang) [Finland]
09:51 pm 'Wiki Waki Woooo' The Kilaueas "Wiki Waki Woooo" (All Score) [Germany]
09:48 pm 'Those Damn Kids' El Ray "The Evil Mermaid" (Green Cookie) [Denmark]
09:44 pm 'Restless [live]' Lee Rocker "Lee Rocker Live" (J-Bird)
09:42 pm 'Lost' The Thunderchiefs "The Interstellar Sounds of ..." (Wormtone)
09:39 pm 'The Toxic Terror' Davie Allan & the Arrows "Restless in L.A." (Sundazed)
09:36 pm 'Ataque De Los Conquistadores' The AmpFibians "Wild Watusi Weekend" (AmpFibians)
09:34 pm 'The Uncanny Valley' The Mystery Men "Sonos Delirium' (Galdera)
09:31 pm 'I Knew the Bride (When She Used to Rock & Roll)' Dave Edmunds "Anthology (1968-1990)" (Rhino)
09:29 pm 'Squirrel's Nest' The D-Rays "[S/T]" (D-Rays)
09:25 pm 'Smoke' MOONBASE "Creation Myths" (MOONBASE)
09:20 pm 'Magdalena, NM' The Derangers "The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Westernmental Sound" (Deep Eddy)
09:17 pm 'I Follow the Sun' Robert and the Roboters "[S/T]" (East Club) [Germany]
09:14 pm 'Sharknado version 2' The Barbarellatones "[mp3]" (Barbarellatones)
09:12 pm 'Yosakoi Bushi' The Space Agency "Kaleidoscopic Sounds" (Tremolo) [UK]
09:09 pm 'Shark Attack' The Surf Coasters "Fly Up!! Best of" (Victor Entertainment) [Japan]
09:01 pm 'Tsugaru Jongara Bushi (new version)' Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans "Tsugaru Jongara" (King) [Japan]
08:58 pm 'The Man Who Couldn't Tell Time' The TomorrowMen "Continental Magazine no. 22 [VA]" (Continental Magazine)
08:55 pm 'Sucker for a Cheap Guitar' Ronnie Dawson "Rockin' & Rollin'" (Upstart)
08:52 pm 'Seville' Teisco Del Ray "Music for Lovers" (Upstart)
08:50 pm 'Surf Party' The Astronauts "Rarities" (Bear Family)
08:47 pm 'Point to Point' Irradiates "Audio Mental Manipulation Device" (Productions Impossible) [France]
08:45 pm 'Istanbul' Surfonica "Tales from the Sea of Istanbul" (Surfonica) [Argentina]
08:41 pm 'Lovin' With A Gun' The Ballistic Cats "[S/T]" (Ballistic Cats)
08:39 pm 'Cyclops' Rev Hank "Longhorn" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
08:35 pm 'Rat Pfink Theme' Bitch Boys "Ride the First Wave" (Golly Gee) [Slovenia]
08:30 pm 'The Diamondhead Stomp' The Diamondheads "The Diamondheads" (Single Coil)
08:28 pm 'Thrown Away' Crazy Aces "Surfadelic Spy-A-Go-Go" (Crazyphonic)
08:26 pm 'Sputnik' Jerry Engler "Collector's Corner" (Songwriters Advocate)
08:21 pm 'Morphological Echo' The Phantom Four "Mandira" (Green Cookie/Mirnanda) [Netherlands]
08:19 pm 'Czorak llamando Argos' Supersonicos "Irrupcion en el Cosmos" (Koala) [Uruguay]
08:14 pm 'Tribal Fury [live]' The Madeira "Sonic Cataclysm - Live" (Double Crown)
08:11 pm 'Skeleton Key' Slacktone "Warning-Reverb Instrumentals" (GoBoy)
08:08 pm 'Put It Back' The Nu Niles "Get Set ... Go!" (Alpina) [Spain]
08:06 pm 'Pintor' The Pharohs "Del-Fi Rarities [VA]" (Del-Fi)
08:03 pm 'Hydro Active Desert' Threesome "On Tour" (Double Crown) [Serbia]