Big Surf Radio Playlist
September 23, 2014

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:57 pm 'Whisky In My Blood' Dave Arcari & the Hellsinki Hellraisers "Whisky In My Blood" (Blue North) [Scotland]
09:56 pm 'Bullwinkle' The Centurions "Surf War-the Battle of the Surf Groups [VA]" (Sundazed)
09:52 pm 'Johnny Turbo- Spy Car Mechanic' The Nematoads "Spy Car Mechanic" (Deep Eddy)
09:50 pm 'Kreml de la Kreml' The Beat Tornados "Scandinavian Interlude" (Flipside) [Norway]
09:48 pm 'Gonna Ball' The Stray Cats "Gonna Ball" (Arista)
09:45 pm ''69 Firebird' The Derangers "The Legend of Daphne Blue and the Wesernmental Sound" (Deep Eddy)
09:42 pm 'Haut Les Mains' Star and Key of the Indian Ocean "Rock N' Roll Fiasco" (Green Cookie) [France]
09:35 pm 'Wet Bikini' Bitch Boys "In Heat" (Radio Hit) [Slovenia]
09:32 pm 'Surfmania' Aqua Velvets "Surfmania" (Mesa)
09:30 pm 'She Said' Hasil Adkins "Out to Hunch" (Norton)
09:28 pm 'Surf as Houdini' Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks "Fried on the Altar of Good Taste" (Silence) [Sweden]
09:26 pm 'Dagnabit' The Alohas "Get Leid With ..." (Off the Hip) [Australia]
09:21 pm 'Psycho Beach Party' Kill, Baby...Kill! "Corridor-X" (Deep Eddy)
09:19 pm 'Power Nap' The D-Rays "[S/T]" (D-Rays)
09:16 pm 'Peter Gunn' Roy Buchanan "Dancing on the Edge" (Alligator)
09:13 pm 'Tremolo from the Crypt' Surfonica "Tales from the Sea of Istanbul" (Surfonica) [Argentina]
09:11 pm 'Rumors of Surf' Southern Culture on the Skids "Ditch Diggin'" (Safe House)
09:05 pm 'Zapata' MOONBASE "Creation Myths" (MOONBASE)
09:01 pm 'Spit Fire' The Surf Coasters "Surface Impression" (Victor Entertainment) [Japan]
08:57 pm 'Sittin' Pretty' Webb Wilder "Doo Dad" (Praxis Intl/Zoo)
08:54 pm 'Tiempo De Revancha' The Phantom Four "Mandira" (Green Cookie/Mirananda) [Netherlands]
08:51 pm 'Surf Fidelis [live]' The Madeira "Sonic Cataclysm - Live" (Double Crown)
08:47 pm 'Teke, Teke, Teke' Frankie & the Pool Boys "[S/T]" Double Crown)
08:44 pm 'Kikobella' Crazy Aces "Surfadelic Spy-A-Go-Go" (Crazyphonic)
08:42 pm 'Long Blond Hair' Johnny Powers "Long Blond Hair" (Norton)
08:39 pm 'Dictator Boogie' Bum Shakers "Shake the Wave" (Bum Shakers) [Russia]
08:37 pm 'Combo Swell' Threesome "On Tour" (Double Crown) [Serbia]
08:32 pm 'Moving Target' Jon & the Nightriders "Moving Target" (Gee-Dee)
08:29 pm 'La Caja del Muerto' The Barbwires "SeaRider" (Wild) [Sweden]
08:27 pm 'Shakin' All Over' Johnny Kidd & the Pirates "Loud, Fast & Out of Control [VA]" (Rhino)
08:25 pm 'Midnight Run' The Super Stocks "The Complete Recordings" (One Way)
08:20 pm 'El Nino' The Anacondas "Snakin' All Over" (Sonic Rondevous) [Netherlands]
08:15 pm 'Vatican Commando 69' The Kilaueas "Wiki Waki Woooo" (All Score) [Germany]
08:12 pm 'Dunewalk' The Bahareebas "Jellyfishing" (Kamikaze) [Switzerland]
08:09 pm 'Stringer' The Ballistic Cats "[S/T]" (Ballistic Cats)
08:06 pm 'Three Kinds of Meat' El Ray "The Evil Mermaid" (Green Cookie) [Denmark]
08:03 pm 'Coast of Capri' The Trabants "Continental Magazine #22 [VA]" (Continental Magazine)