Big Surf Radio Playlist
January 20, 2015

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:58 pm 'Partisans' Los Jets "50th Anniversary" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
09:55 pm 'Surf Coaster' The Neptunes "Davy Jones' House Band" (Spinout)
09:51 pm 'Lonesome Traveller' The Planet Rockers "26 Classic Tracks" (Spinout)
09:48 pm 'Moving Target' Jon & the Nightriders "Moving Target" (Gee-Dee)
09:45 pm 'Black Mariachi' Los Plantronics "La Orchestra Diabolica" (Mariachi Productions) [Noruego]
09:40 pm 'A $1000 Ride Pt. 2' Moe Green Specials "[S/T]" (Green Cookie) [Belgium]
09:37 pm 'Maximum Radiation Level' Man Or Astro-Man? "Experiment Zero" (Touch and Go)
09:35 pm 'Goin' to Malibu' The Malibooz "Malibooz Rule!" (Pier Group)
09:31 pm 'Stardust Gringo' Carnival of Souls "Ritorno A Casa" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
09:28 pm 'She Bop' The Shockwave! "Contact from Space" (Double Crown) [Finland]
09:22 pm 'Gangster Surf' Tremolo Beer Gut "The Inebriated Sounds of ..." (Crunchy Frog) [Denmark]
09:19 pm 'Japi-Beat' The Mustangs "The "Lost" Album- Found and Revisited" (Rarity) [Finland]
09:16 pm 'Rocketman' Red Elvises "I Wanna See You Belly Dance" (Shooba-Doobah) [Russia]
09:14 pm 'Quick Draw Norman' Urban Surf Kings "Penguin or Robot?" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
09:11 pm 'Shark Pit' Cutback "Surfers Journey" (Cutback)
09:08 pm 'Cutlas Supreme [live]' Pollo del Mar "Live In Japan Town" (POP)
09:05 pm 'Nina's Empty Glass' Susan & the Surftones "Wrap-Around" (OmOm)
09:02 pm 'Sleepwalk' Stray Cats "Choo Choo Hot Fish" (Pyramid)
08:59 pm 'Beatblocker' Surfpatrouille "Instronaut" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
08:53 pm 'Intruder [live]' The Madeira "Sonic Cataclysm - Live" (Double Crown)
08:48 pm 'Spectagraph' Planet Seven "Pleasurecraft Recovery Theme" (Default)
08:46 pm 'Bolivian Coup d'Etat' The Lunatics "Tour du Monde" (Gas) [Finland]
08:43 pm 'Riot in Cellblock #9' Wanda Jackson (with The Cramps) "Heart Trouble" (CMH)
08:41 pm 'Charles Bronson' Bang! Mustang "Surfin' NSA" (Rhythm Bomb) [Germany]
08:39 pm 'Stampede' The Looney Tunes "Modern Sounds of ..." (Gee-Dee) [Germany]
08:30 pm 'Lakes & Rivers' Ghostman & Sandman "A Bowl of Secret Water" (Ghostman & Sandman)
08:26 pm 'Cemetery Beach' Messer Chups "Church of Reverb" (Omni) [Russia]
08:22 pm 'Strangest Ways' Southern Culture on the Skids "Plastic Seat Sweat' (Geffen)
08:20 pm 'Robotica' Hawaiian Astro Boys "[S/T]" (Hawaiian Astro Boys) [Belgium]
08:18 pm 'Rotowash' Reverberati "Combat Surf" (Double Crown) [Italy]
08:12 pm 'Bolillo Fantasma' Dr. Tritón "Sin Querer" (Dr. Tritón) [Mexico]
08:09 pm 'East Side Vibrations' The Space Agency "Galactic Vibrations" (Tremolo) [UK]
08:07 pm 'Hi-Fly Bop' Junior Marvel "Ritual Rockabillies [VA]" (El Toro) [Netherlands]
08:04 pm 'Midnight Heat Wave' Dirty Fuse "Last Wave" (Deep Eddy) [Greece]
08:02 pm 'Third Star to the Left' The Space Cossacks "Interstellar Stomp" (MuSick)