Big Surf Radio Playlist
April 7, 2015

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:57 pm 'Astoria' The Sidemen "Go Too Far" (Zentral) [Germany]
09:54 pm 'Bolillo Fantasma' Dr Triton "Sin Querer" (Dr Triton) [Mexico]
09:49 pm 'Surf Thrash Assassin' Necronomikids "[S/T]" (Necronomikids)
09:47 pm 'Der Trabant Twist' Docteur Legume et Les Surfwerks "La Planete Sauvage" (Docteur Legume) [Italy]
09:45 pm 'Big Timber' The Riptones "Slant Six" (Riptones)
09:42 pm 'Headhunter' The Explosives "Big Wave Riders [VA]" (Deep Eddy)
09:39 pm 'Big Time Action' Bambi Molesters "Dumb Loud Hollow Twang [Deluxe]" (Dancing Bear) [Croatia]
09:36 pm 'Teenage Surf Vampires' The Aqualads "Hotbox" (Aqualads)
09:34 pm 'Taco Wagon' Dick Dale and his Del-Tones "The Best of ..." (Rhino)
09:32 pm 'Real Rock Drive' The Blasters "American Music" (Hightone)
09:29 pm 'Surf Fever' Cutback "Surfers Journey" (Cutback)
09:26 pm 'Flight of the Garuda' Daikaiju "Phase 2" (DingDong)
09:22 pm '77 No Pest Strip' Atomic Mosquitos "[S/T]" (Atomic Mosquitos)
09:18 pm 'Rawhide' The Spectre "Starman' (Twangsville Productions) [Finland]
09:16 pm 'Let Me Come In' Hasil Adkins "Out To Hunch" (Norton)
09:12 pm 'Downhill Madness' Surf Me Up, Scotty "Surf Now, Apocalypse Later" (Backwash)
09:10 pm 'Exolumina' The Space Cossacks "Tsar Wars" (MuSick)
09:00 pm 'Sidewalk' Buzzy Frets "[S/T]" (Buzzy Frets)
08:58 pm 'Bonanza [live on KFJC]' The Woodies "Swimmin' In The Reverb" (POP)
08:55 pm 'The Wild One' Link Wray "Apache/Wild Side of the City Lights" (Ace)
08:52 pm 'Crater Dater' The Thunderchiefs "The Interstellar Sounds of ..." (Wormtone)
08:50 pm 'Django' Takeshi Terauchi "Manatsu No Umi O Buttobase" (King) [Japan]
08:46 pm 'Vamonos' The Dead Rocks "Surf Explosão" (Deep Eddy) [Brazil]
08:43 pm 'Locked In The Chromatic Spectrum' The Irradiates "Revenge of the Plants" (Productions Impossible) [France]
08:41 pm 'Rock House' The Teen Kings "Are You Ready?" (Roller Coaster)
08:39 pm 'Full Metal Bonnet' The Beyonderers "Fourth Wave" (Beyonderers)
08:36 pm 'Super Constellation' Mister Neutron "NESMA Directory Sampler 2007 [VA]" (NESMA)
08:29 pm 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' Surfana "Whatever" (Participation Trophy)
08:24 pm 'Last Train From Sepia City' Bang! Mustang "Surfin' NSA" (Rhythm Bomb) [Germany]
08:21 pm 'Life Is Tough [live]' The Lennerockers "Live On Stage" (Lennerecords) [Germany]
08:18 pm 'Pipeline' Flash Cadillac & the Continentals "Rock and Roll Forever" (Epic)
08:15 pm 'Dead Man Surfin'' Frankie & the Pool Boys "The Adventures of Cap'n Coconuts" (Double Crown)
08:11 pm 'The Khazar' The Secret Samurai "Brave New Surf [VA]" (Double Crown)
08:08 pm 'Mr. Rebel' The El Caminos "Beatrama" (Del-Fi) [Japan]
08:06 pm 'Rocket 88' Jackie Brenston & his Delta Cats "Sun Blues Collection - Blue Flames [VA]" (Rhino/Sun)
08:04 pm 'Lipstick Twang' Messer Chups "Church of Reverb" (Omni) [Russia]
08:01 pm 'Fooling Around Playa del Rey' Bitch Boys "Supertones Surf [VA]" (Golly Gee) [Slovenia]