Big Surf Radio Playlist
May 5, 2015

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:57 pm 'Soņadora' Os Argonautas "[S/T]" (Argo/Gens) [Brazil'
09:54 pm 'Jezebel' The Illusions "60s Surf and Hot Rod Classics" (Purple Pyramid)
09:52 pm 'Firewall' The Nebulas "It's Go! Time" (Tivertone)
09:49 pm 'Hallucination #4 (Gas Station)" Dr. Frankenstein (The Psychotic Sounds of ..." (Zona) [Portugal]
09:46 pm 'Bad Hair Day' Mark Brodie and the Beaver Patrol "The Shores of Hell" (Shredder) [Canada]
09:42 pm 'Last Wave' Los Coronas "Surfin' Tenochtitlan" (Isotonic) [Spain]
09:39 pm 'Where Eagles Dare' Crimson Ghosts "Some Kinda Hits" (Necro-Tone)
09:36 pm 'Sucker for a Cheap Guitar' Ronnie Dawson "Just Rockin' & Rollin'" (Upstart)
09:32 pm 'Ali Baba' Vibrasonic "Instrumental Vibrations" (Yep) [UK]
09:30 pm 'Jet Wash' The Migs "[S/T]" (Migs)
09:28 pm 'Dionisiaco' Malibu Surf Power Trio "[S/T]" (Malibu Surf Power Trio) [Mexico]
09:22 pm 'Nitrous Burn Out' Man Or Astro-Man? "Is It ..." (Estrus)
09:20 pm 'Speed Limit 65' Ray Daytona and Googoobombos "A Wild Shot of ..." (Mad Driver) [Italy]
09:17 pm 'Beer' The Bottletones "Corn Rompin'" (Bottletones)
09:14 pm 'Plasma Forces' Espectroplasma "[S/T]" (Grabaxiones Alicia) [Mexico]
09:10 pm 'Swamp's Up' The Tailgators "Swamp's Up" (Upstart)
09:04 pm 'Bay of Bengal' Insect Surfers "Infra Green" (Marlin)
09:02 pm 'Drain You' Surfana "Whatever" (Participation Trophy)
09:00 pm 'She Can't Stop Dancing' Dave Crimmin "Where He Left Off" (Burning Tyger)
08:57 pm 'Simply Ravishing' The Meteors "Mental Instrumentals" (Sonovabitch) [UK]
08:53 pm 'A $1000 Ride, Pt. 2' Moe Greene Specials "[S/T]" (Green Cookie) [Belgium]
08:48 pm 'Green Room' The Volcanics "The Lonely One" (Double Crown)
08:46 pm 'Dust-Up' TarantinosNYC "Surfin' the Silver Screen" (A Band Together)
08:42 pm 'Toots Shuffle' Steve Hooker "Otis Lift Me/Toots Shuffle" (Pimphouse) [UK]
08:39 pm 'The Liquidator' Cutback "Surfers Journey" (Cutback)
08:37 pm 'Interstellar Hardrive' Threesome "Adriatica" (Double Crown) [Slovenia]
08:33 pm 'Elraynia (über alles)' El Ray "The Evil Mermaid" (Green Cookie) [Denmark]
08:31 pm 'Tremolo From The Crypt' Messer Chups "Church of Reverb" (Omni) [Russia]
08:27 pm 'Letter to the Dead' The Barbarellatones "[MP3]" (Barbarellatones)
08:24 pm 'Dark Matter' The Irradiates "Revenge of the Plants" (Productions Impossible) [France]
08:20 pm 'Surfin' NSA' Bang! Mustang "Surfin' NSA" (Rhythm Bomb) [Germany]
08:16 pm 'Tail Slide' The Surfites "Big Pounder" (Double Crown) [Sweden]
08:13 pm 'Landlocked' Hypnotide "Landlocked" (Hypnotide)
08:09 pm 'Bikini Girls With Machine Guns' The Cramps "Stay Sick" (Vengeance)
08:06 pm 'Tribal Fury [live]' The Madeira "Sonic Cataclysm" (Double Crown)
08:02 pm 'Vatican Commando 69' The Kilaueas "Wiki Waki Woooo" (All Score) [Germany]