Big Surf Radio Playlist
November 3, 2015

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:58 pm 'Johnny Turbo- Spy Car Mechanic' The Nematoads "Spy Car Mechanic" (Deep Eddy)
09:55 pm 'Mother Russia' Bum Shakers "On The Wave" (Bum Shakers) [Russia]
09:50 pm 'The Glass Man' The Mystery Men "Session Obscura" (Galdera)
09:48 pm 'Dust the Magic Carpet' The Mustangs "The 'Lost' Album- Found and Revisited" (Rarity) [Finland]
09:45 pm 'Johnny Remember Me' The Meteors "Kings of Psychobilly" (Anagram) [UK]
09:42 pm 'The Quiet Surf' Richie Allen and the Pacific Surfers "The Rising Surf" (Sundazed)
09:38 pm 'Banzai Washout' The Mighty Surf Lords "Sand In Yer Face" (Mighty Surf Lords)
09:33 pm 'Renegade' The Televisionaries "[S/T]" (Reel Time)
09:31 pm 'Tales from the Crick' The Televisionaries "[S/T]" (Reel Time)
09:28 pm 'El Jaguar' The Surge! "Dam! (Another Release)" (Surge!)
09:26 pm 'Hot Rod Man' Tex Rubinowitz "Hot Rod Man/Ain't It Wrong" (Ripsaw)
09:24 pm 'Insomnio' Los Santisimos Snorkels "Instrumental Surf Blender" (Grabaxiones Alicia) [Mexico]
09:21 pm 'Point Neuf' The Langhorns "Club Gabardino" (Bad Taste) [Sweden]
09:15 pm 'Iron Butterfly Theme' Iron Butterfly "Heavy" (Rhino)
09:13 pm 'Reverbia' Les Fradkin & Get Wet "A Day at the Beach" (RRO)
09:10 pm 'Ice Cold' Resless "The Very Best of Resless" (Nervous) [UK]
09:08 pm 'Cyclops' Rev Hank "Longhorn" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
09:05 pm 'Surfin' Sam' The Breakaways "Time Surfin'" (Reel McCoy)
09:01 pm 'Trailspotting' The Waistcoats "Swivlin' Wahini [VA]" (Skully)
08:58 pm 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' Robert Gordon "Satisfied Mind" (Jungle)
08:55 pm 'Horses Walking Over River' Gulag Tunes "Surf Instro Versions of Russian Traditional Jailhouse Songs 2" (Vivisectors Lab) [Russia]
08:53 pm 'Spyscope' Hypnotide "Landlocked" (Hypnotide)
08:51 pm 'Road Agent' Jon and the Nightriders "Stampede!" (Crossfire)
08:45 pm 'Sarpha' The Surfaders "A Greater Silence" (Turbasco) [Netherlands]
08:43 pm 'Surf Cops are Watching You' Moms I'd Like To Surf "Surf Cops Are Watching You" (Moms I'd Like To Surf) [France]
08:40 pm 'Wilde Orchidee' Robert and the Roboters "Wilde Orchidee" (Toca) [Germany]
08:37 pm 'Los Amos del West' Mexican Chili Taco Fiesta "[S/T]" (Daddy-O Grande/Primitiv) [USA/Mexico]
08:33 pm 'Twin Peaks' The Surf Coasters "Super Runabout" (West Ghost) [Japan]
08:27 pm 'Pluto's Revenge' Atomic Mosquitos "Bug Music for Bug People" (Nukular Reckerds)
08:25 pm 'Dawn of the Living Finks' Boss Fink "R.P.M." (Double Crown)
08:22 pm 'Stranger Things' High Noon "Stranger Things" (Watermelon)
08:20 pm 'Simon's Beat' Les Agamemnonz "Surfin' Journey to Atlantis [VA]" (Green Cookie) [France]
08:18 pm 'Moorish Idol' The Neptunes "People of Earth ..." (Spinout)
08:13 pm 'The Argonaut' The Madeira "Ancient Winds" (Double Crown)
08:08 pm 'Young Gun, Loose Canon' The Biarritz Boys "Enjoy ..." (Biarritz Boys) [Netherlands]
08:06 pm 'Something I Said' Ray Condo "American Rumble [VA]" (Skizmatic)
08:04 pm 'Rack 'em Up' The TomorrowMen "Futourism" (Double Crown)
08:02 pm 'Cat On A Hot Foam Board' The New Dimensions "The Best of ..." (Sundazed)