Big Surf Radio Playlist
November 17, 2015

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:58 pm 'Everybody Up' The Fender Four "Randy Holden - Early Works '64-'65" (Captain Trip)
09:56 pm 'Calling All Martians' Spies Who Surf "Calling All Martians" (Monsterdisc)
09:55 pm 'Flash Flood' The Woggles "Beyond the Beach [VA]" (Upstart)
09:49 pm 'A Test of Character' The Spoils "Have a Drink With ..." (Deep Eddy)
09:47 pm 'Cloudburst' The Kan Dells "Surf Age Nuggets [VA]" (RockBeat)
09:45 pm 'Black Cadillac' Joyce Green "Rockin' Bones [VA]" (Rhino)
09:42 pm 'Hemispherical Synchronization' The TomorrowMen "Futourism" (Double Crown)
09:39 pm 'March of Eyes' Diminished Men "Names of the Dead" (Hector Stentor)
09:35 pm 'Gear' Dave Myers & his Surf Tones "Lost Legends of Surf Guitar, Vol. 1 [VA]" (Sundazed)
09:32 pm 'Hail to the Reef' The Televisionaries "[S/T]" (Reel Time)
09:30 pm 'Bertha Lou' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Lore and Testament, Vol. 1" (Stag-O-Lee)
09:26 pm 'Dead Highway' King of Hawaii "Henry Call Home" (KOH)
09:22 pm 'Some Velvet Morning' The Low-Fi Drifters "Instrumental Takeover" (Low-Fi Drifters) [Switzerland]
09:16 pm 'Hawaiian Surf Ride (Live)' The Space Agency "Galactic Vibrations" (Tremolo) [UK]
09:14 pm 'Hot Club Du Surf' The Surfaders "A Greater Silence" (Turbasco) [Netherlands]
09:12 pm 'I Gotta Date to Cut a Cake' Deke Dickerson "Number One Hit Record" (HMG)
09:10 pm 'Outlaw Beatnik' Cadillac Angels "Heavy Surf [VA]" (Reptile)
09:07 pm 'Let's Dust' Planet Seven "The Tomorrow That Never Was" (Default)
09:01 pm 'Death of a Reventlo' The Reventlos "Essential Reventlo" (Acetate)
08:58 pm 'Mojave' Insect Surfers Reverb Sun' (Marlin)
08:55 pm 'Daddy Was a Preacher But Mama Was a Go-Go Girl' Southern Culture on the Skids "For Lovers Only" (Safe House)
08:52 pm 'Surf & a .45' Los Plantronics "La Orchestra Diabolica" (Mariachi) [Noruego]
08:49 pm 'El Paso' 3 Balls of Fire "Jet Set Guitars" (Deep Eddy)
08:44 pm 'Steel Pier" The Surf Teens "Surf Mania" (Bachus Archives)
08:41 pm 'Leviathan' The Madeira "Ancient Winds" (Double Crown)
08:39 pm 'Long Blond Hair' Johnny Powers "Long Blond Hair" (Norton)
08:37 pm 'Deck the Halls' Martin Cilia "Electric Christmas" (Martin Cilia) [Australia]
08:34 pm 'Black Sand Beach' Kayama Yuzo "Black Sand Beach" (Dreamusic) [Japan]
08:31 pm 'The Good, the Bad & the Ugly' The Dillengers "Instro-Mania" (Favored Nation)
08:28 pm 'Varadero '55' Boss Fink "R.P.M." (Double Crown)
08:25 pm 'Something's Wrong with My Radio' Stray Cats "Rant n' Rave With" (Arista)
08:23 pm 'Nación Apache' Twin Tones "Nación Apache" (Grabaxiones Alicia) [Mexico]
08:20 pm 'Something for Sophia Loren' Robert Johnson and Punchdrunks "Almost Fried (But Not Stirred)" (Silence) [Sweden]
08:16 pm 'Agent 6K6' The Urban Surf Kings "Penguin or Robot?" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
08:14 pm 'Firewater' The Diamondheads "Diamond Head at Dusk" (Single Coil)
08:12 pm 'Dig Them Squeaky Shoes' Andy Starr "Dig Them Squeaky Shoes" (Bear Family)
08:10 pm 'Nucleon' Atomic Mosquitos "Bug Music for Bug People" (Nukular Reckerds)
08:06 pm 'Bombora' Speedball Jr. "Surfin' Journey to Atlantis [VA]" (Green Cookie) [Belgium]