Big Surf Radio Playlist
February 16, 2016

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:58 pm 'Wave Weapon' The Surf Coasters Misirlou - 10th Anniversary Best" (Victor Entertainment) [Japan]
09:55 pm 'Gooch In Space' The Deadbeats "Day of the Deadbeats" (Paink)
09:52 pm 'I Got You Baby' Bonneville "Let'a Go Rock-A-Billy!" (Hot Wax) [Germany]
09:50 pm 'Shark Next Door' Tiki Tiki Bamboooos "[S/T]" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
09:48 pm 'Mr. Motor' Burt Rocket "Savage Island" (Double Crown) [Iceland]
09:42 pm 'Punition Aquatique' Arno de Cea and the Clockwork Wizards "Surf It Up!" (Arno de Cea) [France]
09:39 pm 'Bombay Potatoes' The Space Agency "Bombay Potatoes/Purple Power" (Market Square) [UK]
09:35 pm 'Psychedelic Freakout' The Barbarellatones "[MP3]" (Barbarellatones)
09:33 pm 'Red Sunrise' The Space Cossacks "Never Mind the Bolsheviks" (MuSIck)
09:31 pm 'Los Cobardes' Reef Rider "Beyond the Reef" (Reef Rider) [Belgium]
09:23 pm 'Hollywood Babylon' The Crimson Ghosts "Some Kinda Hits" (Necro-Tone)
09:20 pm 'Plankton Dance' Insect Surfers "Infra Green" (Marlin)
09:17 pm 'Sucker for a Cheap Guitar' Ronnie Dawson "Just Rockin' & Rollin'" (Upstart)
09:15 pm 'Nite Surfing' CHUM "Downtown Beach" (Rickshaw)
09:12 pm 'Charles Bronson' Bang! Mustang "Surfin' NSA" (Rhythm Bomb) [Germany]
09:08 pm 'Agoraphobia' Dr. Frankenstein "The Lost Tapes" (Low Fly) [Portugal]
09:06 pm 'K-39' The Challengers "K-39" (Sundazed)
09:02 pm 'Today' The Real Gone "[S/T]" (Real Gone)
08:59 pm 'Shockwave' The Spoils "Have a Drink With" (Deep Eddy)
08:56 pm 'Fathomless' The Fathoms "Fathomless" (Atomic Beat)
08:46 pm 'Let's Go Down To Brighton' The Razorblades "Radical Waves [VA]" (Deep Eddy) [Germany]
08:43 pm 'Hawaiian War Chant' Kenny Ahern "Surfing Bagpipes" (Kenny Ahern)
08:41 pm 'Human Cannonball' Webb Wilder "Hybrid Vigor" (Island)
08:38 pm 'Welcome to Malibu' West Samoa Surfer League "Moments of Truth Pt. 2" (West Samoa Surfer League) [France]
08:35 pm 'Wrong Turn' The Bambi Molesters "As the Dark Wave Swells" (Dancing Bear) [Croatia]
08:30 pm 'Ajoen Ajoen' The RoadRunners "Rampage" (ISOMUSTA) [Finland]
08:26 pm 'Arabic' Bevel Emboss "Celluloid" (BMRD/Rough Trade) [Netherlands]
08:23 pm 'Nobody's Woman' Rip Carson "Box Set - The Singles Collection" (Dixie)
08:23 pm 'Arabic' Bevel Emboss "Celluloid" (BMRD/Rough Trade) [Netherlands]
08:20 pm 'Broken Dream' The Silicon "Tiki Tohua" (Silicon) [Belarus]
08:17 pm 'La Caja Del Muerto' The Barbwires "SeaRider" (Wild) [Sweden]
08:12 pm 'The Headhunter' The Alohas "Get Leid With ..." (Off the Hip) [Australia]
08:08 pm 'Swedish Erotica (Live)' Tremolo Beer Gut "Live, Beyond Our Means" (Crunchy Frog) [Denmark]
08:06 pm 'That Certain Female' Charlie Feathers "Rollin' Rock Got the Sock, Vol. 1 [VA]" (Rollin' Rock/HMG)
08:03 pm 'Half Asteroid' Atomic Mosquitos "Bug Music for Bug People" (Nukular Reckerds)
08:00 pm 'James Bond Theme' Bitch Boys "Behind the Hound Dog Walls" (Ikebana) [Slovenia]