Big Surf Radio Playlist
May 3, 2016

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:58 pm 'Wavos Rancheros' The Diamondheads "[S/T]" (Single Coil)
09:55 pm 'Hellbound Train' Dave Arcari "Hellbound Train" (Buzz) [Scotland]
09:49 pm 'Tras La Cabeza Del Indio' Twin Tones "Capello Di Mariachi" (T-Vox) [Mexico]
09:47 pm 'Trans Ural Express' Urban Surf Kings "Penguin Or Robot?" (Reverb Ranch) [Canada]
09:44 pm 'Desert Storm' The Silicon "Desert Storm" (Silicon) [Belarus]
09:41 pm 'Gasping Runner' Shockwave! "Contact from Space" (Double Crown) [Finland]
09:39 pm 'Rotowash' Reverberati "Combat Surf" (Double Crown) [Italy]
09:36 pm 'Planet Olga' The Kilaueas "Wiki Waki Woooo" (All Score) [Germany]
09:34 pm 'Beach Bus' The Longboards "Insane!" (El Toro) [Spain]
09:31 pm 'Lonesome Teddyboy' Foggy Mountain Rockers "Hang Him High" (Part) [Germany]
09:27 pm 'Cannibal Run' Phantom Operators "Hasta Muerte" (Phantom Operators)
09:23 pm 'Shut Up, Let's Grow!' The Irradiates "Revenge of the Plants" (Productions Impossible) [France]
09:18 pm 'Rattlesnake' Los Thunder Surfers "[S/T]" (Meigan) [Mexico]
09:15 pm 'Mission: Unsurfable' The Sabateurs "Espionage Garage" (American Pop Project) [Canada/Japan]
09:13 pm 'Rheumatism Baby' Fireball Steven with the Helldivers "Shake Baby Shake [VA]" (Be Be's)
09:09 pm 'Misirlou Twist' Dick Dale and his Del-Tones "Surfers' Choice" (Sundazed)
09:07 pm 'Torque Fest' Surf Zombies "Lust for Rust" (Deep Eddy)
09:03 pm 'The Cannonball Rum Theme' Stories from Shamehill "Same Same but Different" (Stories from Shamehill) [Netherlands]
09:01 pm 'Agent Yellow Jacket' Crazy Aces "Surfadelic Spy-A-Go-Go" (Crazyphonic)
08:59 pm 'Long Legged 'N' Outa Site' Steve Hooker "Duende Blues" (Pimphouse) [UK]
08:57 pm 'Mitril Surf' Los Elasticos "[S/T]" (Los Elasticos) [Mexico]
08:55 pm 'Black Coffin Board' The Mullet Monster Mafia "Surf'n' Goat" (Mullet Monster Mafia) [Brazil]
08:48 pm 'Theme from 'Otpisani'' Bitch Boys "In Heat" (Radio Hit) [Slovenia]
08:46 pm 'The Thing' The Coffin Daggers "Aggravatin' Rhythms" (Cleopatra)
08:43 pm 'Wild Honey' Webb Wilder "Hybrid Vigor' (Island)
08:41 pm 'Run Chicken Run' Link Wray and the Raymen "Rumble! The Best of ..." (Rhino)
08:39 pm 'Jack the Ripper' Link Wray and the Raymen "Mr. Guitar" (Norton)
08:30 pm 'M'Chango' Bongo King "Operation Latin Surf" (Deep Eddy)
08:25 pm 'Wonder Bread Woman' Bay of Pigs "Surfin' Missile Crisis" (Bay of Pigs)
08:23 pm 'Love Me' The Phantom "That'll Flat Git It! Vol. 5 [VA]" (Bear Family)
08:20 pm 'Dusty' Bang! Mustang "Surfin' NSA" (Rhythm Bomb) [Germany, etc.]
08:17 pm 'Farthest Shore (Live)' The Madeira "Sonic Cataclysm- Live" (Double Crown)
08:12 pm 'Brothers of the Storm' Air Cats Band "Invisible Air Cats" (Air Cats Band) [Russia]
08:09 pm 'Hard Headed Woman' Wanda Jackson w/Cadillac Angels "Heart Trouble" (CMH)
08:07 pm 'Penetration' Eduardo Bartrina "Plan B" (H.M.R.) [Spain]
08:03 pm 'Stasi' Die Kosmonauten "Geschichten die das Leben Schreibt" (Kosmonauten) [Germany]
08:01 pm 'Pinto Pacer Duster Gremlin' Insect Surfers "Infra Green" (Marlin)