Big Surf Radio Playlist
September 20, 2016

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:57 pm 'Mr. Antonis' The Dead Rocks "Surf Explosão" (Deep Eddy) [Brazil]
09:51 pm 'Quasar' Man From RavCon "Strange Universe" (RavCon)
09:48 pm 'Staccato' The El Caminos "Behind the Surf" (Green Cookie) [Japan]
09:45 pm 'Black Saddle' Messer Chups "Church of Reverb" (Omni) [Russia]
09:43 pm 'Pluto's Revenge' Atomic Mosquitos "Bug Music for Bug People" (Nukular Reckerds)
09:40 pm 'Tras La Cabeza Del Indio' Twin Tones "Capello Di Mariachi" (T-Vox) [Mexico]
09:37 pm 'My Ipo' Lindsey Ikeno "Merrell Fankhauser and Friends - Tiki Lounge Live [VA]" (Ocean Records)
09:35 pm 'Thunder Over Rincon' Jon and the Nightriders "Moving Target" (Gee-Dee)
09:32 pm 'Odd Particle' The Isotopes "Overstay Their Welcome" (Archive)
09:22 pm 'Big Chief' The Firebirds "Play 2 Hits for the Kids" (Hidden Charms) [Netherlands]
09:20 pm 'Cry Baby' Stray Cats "Choo Choo Hot Fish" (Pyramid)
09:16 pm 'Ali Baba' Vibrasonic "Instrumental Vibrations" (Tremolo) [England]
09:13 pm 'Al Ghayb' The Secret Samurai "Zanshin" (Maud'Dib)
09:10 pm 'Revolution - Maybe on Monday' The Razorblades "Gimme Some Noise!" (General Schallplatten) [Germany]
09:07 pm 'Road Runnah' The Road Runners "Penetration! The Best of the Pyramids" (Sundazed)
09:04 pm 'Surf Rock for Your Soul' Primal Sky "[MP3]" (Primal Sky)
09:01 pm 'Good Moonshine' Dave Arcari "Hellbound Train" (Buzz) [Scotland]
08:58 pm 'La Danza De Los Mirlos' The Gasolines "Jungle Surfers" (Gasolines/Reverb-Brasil) [Brazil]
08:54 pm 'Sleep Walk' Martin Cilia "Sleep Walk" (Bombora) [Australia]
08:49 pm 'It's Nothin' To Me' Mack Stevens "At Rollin' Rock" (Rollin' Rock/HMG)
08:46 pm 'Insects Night Off' The Surftones "Who Stole My Hypnotics?" (Maho Pop) [Finland]
08:43 pm 'Road To Tobasco' Dr. Frankenstein "The Psychotic Sounds Of ..." (Zona) [Portugal]
08:38 pm 'Desert Sand' Koko "This Is ..." (Koko) [Netherlands]
08:35 pm 'Route 666 [live]' Pollo Del Mar "Live In Japan Town" (Pop Records)
08:29 pm 'Extasy' Husky and the Sandmen "Ridin' the Wild Surf" (Gas) [Finland]
08:26 pm 'The Bertlemann Slide' Surf Zombies "It's a... Thing! Astonishing Tales of Whoa!" (Surf Zombies)
08:23 pm 'Pandilleros' Telekrimen "El Rey de los Incendiarios" (Telekrimen) [Mexico]
08:20 pm 'Third Star To The Left' The Space Cossacks "Interstellar Stomp" (MuSick)
08:17 pm 'When I Was A Mermaid' Air Cats Band "Invisible Air Cats" (Air Cats Band) [Russia]
08:14 pm 'Secret Agent Man [live]' Von Rippers "Live At KFJC" (Royal Palms)
08:11 pm 'Tina The GoGo Queen' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Deep In The Shadows" (Marilyn)
08:08 pm 'Our Favorite Martian' Hawaii Samurai "Let There Be Surf!" (Nova Express) [France]
08:05 pm 'Kerouac's Revenge' The Reverberators "Limbo Fury" (Reverberators) [Canada]
08:02 pm 'Run Chicken Run' Jackie & the Cedrics "Guitar Ace: Link Wray Tribute [VA]" (MuSick Recordings) [Japan]