Big Surf Radio Playlist
February 14, 2017

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:58 pm 'Snakes and Ladders' Frankie & the Pool Boys "[S/T]" (Double Crown)
09:55 pm 'Sputnik [final mix]' Surfer Rex "Strange Salvage" (Surfer Rex)
09:49 pm 'The Spider' El Ray "Shoot from the Hip" (Alternate) [Denmark]
09:46 pm 'Big Day at the Bay' The Mermen "Krill Slippin'" (Mesa/Blue Moon)
09:43 pm 'Let Yourself Go' Ed Philips and the Memphis Patrol "[S/T]" (Star People) [Hungary]
09:40 pm 'Agente Duplo' Retrofoguetes "Enigmascope Vol 1" (Retrofoguetes) [Brazil]
09:35 pm 'The Ballad of Jack Hackett' CHUM "Fighting Words" (Rickshaw)
09:28 pm 'Fistful of Amphetamines' The Cadillac Hitmen "The Assassin" (Cadillac Hitmen)
09:25 pm 'On Your Head' The Bananas "To Surf and Protect" (Street13) [Slovenia]
09:23 pm 'That's Alright' Elvis Presley "Sunrise" (RCA)
09:21 pm 'The Outlaw' Eddie Angel "... Plays Link Wray" (Spinout)
09:18 pm 'Return of the Space Cossack' Los Twang! Marvels "Jungle of Twang" (Kamikaze) [Germany]
09:14 pm 'Diamond Head [live]' The Aqua Velvets "Radio Waves" (Riptide)
09:09 pm 'Eclipse Day 3' The Barbarellatones "[MP3]" (Barbarellatones)
09:06 pm 'Shiprex [final mix]' Surfer Rex "Strange Salvage" (Surfer Rex)
09:03 pm 'Force of Gravity' Jon & the Nightriders "Banished to the Beach- an Anthology, 1979-1986" (NPR)
09:00 pm 'Tribal Fury' The Madeira "Tribal Fires" (Double Crown)
08:52 pm 'Slalom Under the Pier' Blackball Bandits "Confrontaton on the ET Highway" (Blackball Bandits)
08:48 pm 'Le Patriote' Tabernacos Surfers "1-2-3 ... Go!" (Pat) [Canada]
08:45 pm 'Carryin' the News to Mary' Webb Wilder "Acres of Suede" (Watermelon)
08:41 pm 'Pink Panther Theme [live]' Urban Surf Kings "Monday Night Surf Club" (USK) [Canada]
08:38 pm 'Thrown from a Rooftop Downtown' The Reigning Monarchs "[S/T]" (Reigning Monarchs)
08:33 pm 'Lunar Attack!' The Reverb Syndicate "Sputnik A-Go-Go" (Reverb Syndicate) [Canada]
08:29 pm 'Latinia [live]' The Blue Hawaiians "Live at the Lava Lounge" (Pascal)
08:26 pm 'Rock is Dead' Ben Vaughn ""Rambler 65" (Rhino)
08:23 pm 'The Drop' The Me Gustas "Madrugada" (Me Gustas)
08:21 pm 'James Bond Theme [live]' Bitch Boys "Behind the Hound Dog Walls" (Ikebana) [Slovenia]
08:16 pm 'Incursion at O'Hare' The Beyonderers "Estimate of the Situation" (Beyonderers)
08:13 pm 'Shark Attack' The Atlantics "The Complete CBS Recordings, Vol. One" (Canetoad) [Australia]
08:10 pm 'My Mind Was Messed Up At the Time' Tav Falco's Panther Burns "Life Sentence in the Cathouse" (Frenzi)
08:07 pm 'Tierra del Fuego' The Langhorns "[S/T]" (Bad Taste) [Sweden]
08:03 pm 'Secret Exit Man' Slacktone "Into the Blue Sparkle" (GoBoy)