Big Surf Radio Playlist
April 4, 2017

(8:00-10:00 p.m. EST)

WOBC 91.5 FM - Oberlin College and Community Radio
time 'song' artist "album/single" (label) [notes]

09:55 pm 'The Passenger' The Man From RavCon "The Traveler" (RavCon)
09:53 pm 'Thrown Away' Crazy Aces "Surfadelic Spy-A-Go-Go" (Crazyphonic)
09:50 pm 'Garagum' The Air Cats Band "Garagum" (Air Cats Band) [Russia]
09:48 pm 'She's Not There' Cosmonauti "Bikini Angel" (OmOm) [Italy]
09:46 pm 'Secret Agent Man' Los Coronas "Caliente Caliente" (Tritone) [Spain]
09:43 pm 'Secret Agent Man' Johnny Rivers "Anthology, 1964-1977" (Rhino)
09:40 pm '2003 Horsepower' The Astroglides "Channel Surfing With ..." (Fast) [Israel]
09:37 pm 'Rumble and Run' The Atlantics "Flight of the Surf Guitar" (Atlantics) [Australia]
09:32 pm 'Wipeline' Surfer Rex "Strange Salvage" (Extinct)
09:29 pm 'Surf-A-Rama' The AmpFibians "Spies In Love" (AmpFibians)
09:26 pm 'Kika Melokia' The Cocktail Preachers "Cocktail Companions - Unreleased & Rarities" (Cocktail Preachers)
09:23 pm 'Night Train [live]' The Tridents "... at the Endless Summer bar-cafe" (Tridents)
09:21 pm 'All By Myself' Johnny Burnette Trio "Rockabilly Boogie" (Bear Family)
09:16 pm 'Batarang' The Avengers "It Came from Memphis [VA]" (Upstart)
09:13 pm 'Stone Door' Sandblasters "Jupiter Beach" (Raucous)
09:10 pm 'Desert Storm' Planet Creep "[S/T]" (Planet Creep) [Netherlands]
09:07 pm 'Caught In the Whitewater' 9th Wave "Cruising For Mako" (Beach House)
09:05 pm 'Hyperion Reef' CHUM "Downtown Beach" (Rickshaw)
09:03 pm '20,000 Leagues' The Champs "Wing Ding!" (Ace)
08:56 pm 'Junkyard' Alex Chilton "High Priest/Black List" (Razor & Tie)
08:53 pm 'Dead Tree' Surf Coasters "Surf Attack" (Columbia) [Japan]
08:50 pm 'Misirlou' Space Agency "Kaleidoscopic Sounds" (Tremolo) [UK}
08:45 pm 'Tuco's Lament' The Nebulas "Nebula One" (Tivertone)
08:43 pm 'Gargamel S.T.' Bitch Boys "In Heat" (Radio Hit) [Slovenia]
08:41 pm 'The Wedge' Dick Dale "King of the Surf Guitar: the Best of ..." (Rhino)
08:38 pm 'Walk Don't Run '64 [live]' The Ventures "Live In Japan '65" (EMI)
08:36 pm 'The Rushin Bee' The Dynamic Subarashii "[S/T]" (Dynamic Subarashii)
08:30 pm 'Penetration from Space' The Shockwave! "Contact from Space" (Double Crown) [Finland]
08:28 pm 'Long Blond Hair' Johnny Powers "Long Blond Hair" (Norton)
08:25 pm 'Midnight Run' Jon & the Nightriders "Fiberglass Rocket" (Atomic Beat)
08:21 pm 'Space Park Drive' Insect Surfers "Infra Green" (Marlin)
08:18 pm 'Hard Times' Bum Shakers "Village Dance" (Bum Shakers) [Russia]
08:13 pm 'The Uh-Oh! Twango' Dead Man's Curve "Surfquake" (Gorgeous)
08:10 pm 'The Sound of a Stranger' The Huskies "[EP]" (Goofin') [Finland]
08:08 pm 'Flip, Flop & Fly [live]' Sid King and the Five Strings "Rockin' On The Radio" (Schoolkids' Records)
08:05 pm 'Drop Dead' Frankie & the Pool Boys "[S/T]" (Double Crown)
08:02 pm 'Mod Monster' The Concussions "Magic Fingers" (Double Crown)