Oberlin College Outings Club
We Swim.
We Canoe.
We Hike.
We Explore.

Who Are We?


Welcome to Our New Website!

Now you can learn all about OCOC right here, online. The site’s still ustill under construction, so if there’s something missing send us an email or come into office hours and we’ll get right on it. The Outings Club is Oberlin College’s largest outdoors-oriented student group. We’re entirely student-run and funded by the Student Finance Committee. Our mission statement explains exactly what we do:
The OCOC has a goal of making outdoor sports more accessible to students. To realize this goal, we have two major functions: renting gear and organizing trips. The largest trips happen during Fall and Spring Break. Any Oberlin student is eligible to participate in a trip, and participation is determined by lottery. We rent gear to any student any time of the year besides the summer.