Course Offerings

Spring 2006

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 The ExCos are split into the following large categories:

Community and Society

Language, Culture, and Religion

Computers, Math, and Science

Media and Literature

Dance and Theater


Arts, Crafts, and Do-It-Yourself

Physical Activities and Games


Community and Society



Animal Rights 101: Beyond Dinner Table Discussions 0-2 Credits
Noah Lewis EXCO-105

We will explore whether the systematic use of animals in our society is acceptable, whether it needs to be reformed, or whether it needs to be eliminated. We will examine a variety of questions: Is it justifiable to eat and experiment on nonhuman animals? What is speciesism and is it defensible? How does the human use of nonhuman animals relate to systems of oppression like racism and sexism? Class meetings will focus on in-depth engagement with and discussion of these issues. All perspectives welcome.

History 101: History of the American Indian Movement 0-1 Credit
Robert Roche and Aaron Englander EXCO 106

This course, taught by the Director of the Cleveland American Indian Movement, will introduce students to the history and present activities of the American Indian Movement and facilitate opportunities to get involved. No previous knowledge of American Indian History is required.

Bikes and Kids 0-1 Credit
Mat Gordon and Eric Dorff EXCO 110

Come learn bike repair, then use that knowledge to teach local youth. This combines mentoring, hands on learning, and bike repair in the greatest course that could ever be created.

Humanure and Composting 0-1 Credit
Zea Luce EXCO 115

A practical course on composting, this course will be taught from an environmental perspective. The course will be reading and discussion based, with hands-on composting opportunities throughout the semester, as well as field trips. Some topics covered are: the idea of waste, what and how to compost, water issues, soil, worms and their role, large-scale composting, composting toilets, and “fecophobia.” At the end of the course participants will have practical skills, allowing them to start their own backyard composting system. The course is open to all compost enthusiasts. Participants should be prepared to get dirty, talk about poop, and touch worms!

ESL Tutoring ExCo 0-2 Credits
Teresita Prieto and Sean Abbot-Klafter EXCO 120

This class will teach people how to teach English as a Second Language to the local im/migrant community. You will spend most of the ExCo time teaching, though we have several meetings to familiarize you with teaching techniques and resources, and to share experiences and problem-solving techniques. We also hope to familiarize you with and engage you in immigration issues.

White Straight Male Identity: Analysis, Accountability and Activism 0-2 Credits
Matthew Hartgering EXCO 122

What does it mean to be white, heterosexual, and male? In this course, we will critically examine gender and masculinity on personal and systemic levels-taking into account the ways gender intersects with race and sexuality in white heterosexual male identity. Through group discussion grounded in academic and activist readings, we will move past unproductive guilt to a positive, accountable, and activist redefinition of masculinity.

Grassroots Organizing 0-2 Credits
Rebeca Bell EXCO 125

The goal of this course is to train students to become active and effective grassroots organizers through campaign work with OhioPIRG and class trainings. The course structure is three-fold: theory, training, and practice. The theory will explore philosophies through readings and discussions, which will be complemented by trainings of grassroots activism skills. Finally, students will apply this to hands-on practice as they develop and implement a critical component of a campaign, such as coalition-building, media, grassroots, or research.

Antiracist Organizing and White Privilege 0-2 Credits
Angela Horn EXCO 130

Many of us have seen and been part of predominantly white activist organizations on campus that are struggling to analyze the different ways power functions, figure out what it means to do anti-racist/multi-issue organizing, and/or change our work to reflect anti-racist priorities. This course is intended to fill some of those needs. This course aims to build participants' analysis skills and pass on histories of organizing and coalition-building on campus. We hope participants can support each other in thinking critically about activism, and hold each other accountable to making their work more just and productive. Meetings will be based in readings and discussions. This course is designed for white-privileged folks, but is open to anyone.

Living with the Earth 0-1 Credit
Elana Riffle EXCO 140

This class is about community and awareness under the framework of the basic elements of survival! Learn how to make fire by friction. Sleep in a debris shelter. Be innovative and be reconnected with nature.

Oberlin Mentors 0-1 Credits
Ezinwanyi Ukegbu and Charlotte Collins EXCO 145

Oberlin College Mentors is an opportunity to develop a long-term, mutually rewarding relationship with a local child. This is a fun way to create ties to the city of Oberlin and the community. Note: In committing to this ExCo, you are committing to a child. Serious applicants only, please.

Peak Oil: Crisis and Catalyst for a Sustainable Future 0-1 Credit
Grant Huling EXCO 150

This course will begin by building a critical understanding of the geologic, politics, and environmental foundations of Peak Oil. We will examine the history of cheap oil and alternative energy sources. In addition to discussing the impact of a post-carbon future on society and us as individuals, we will explore alternative ideologies through steady-state economics, permaculture and deep ecology. Some reading will be expected each week as well as occasional journaling. While involving some technical readings our objective is not limited to the understanding of a technical phenomenon; the implication stretch across all areas of study to almost every corner of the globe and modern human experience.

Practicum in Policy Research: Roosevelt Institution 0-1 Credit
Ezra Temko and Collin Koffel EXCO-160

Changing the world, one idea at a time. The Roosevelt Institution at Oberlin is a non-partisan progressive policy research organization that reaches out to students and connects them to the public policy process. In conjunction with the national Roosevelt network, The Roosevelt Institution at Oberlin provides a forum to engage students in creating solution-oriented policy recommendations and analysis and to spark public discourse and positive change on a local and global scale. The Roosevelt Institution at Oberlin connects our wider community to the immense intellectual capital of students at a college oriented towards compassionate, intentional, and forward thinking.

Sexual Information Center: SexCo 0-2 Credits
Sarah Steinfeld, Rachel Lindy and Drew Farnsworth EXCO-165

This course offers information about sexuality and sexual health issues, including sexual practices, contraception, safer sex, anatomy, common sexual health problems, STIs, pornography/erotica, birth, adoption, abortion, sex work/prostitution, gender issues, and sexual orientation. Class meets once a week for 2 hours, and an optional counseling skills session is offered for an additional 1 hour a week. Students successful in both sessions may apply to be SIC counselors, but you need not want to be a counselor to take the class.

US Labor History 0-1 Credit
Gil Kudrin EXCO-175

This course will cover the movement of organized labor in the US from the inception of the Industrial Revolution to the present. It will explain the contributions by various political and social tendencies, the strategies that led to organized labor's greatest victories, and the frequent clash of interests inside the movement itself that often led to defeats. The instructor has participated in part of this history.

Issues in Women's Health 0-2 Credits
Cecilia Galarraga, Emily Hansen, Helen Travis and Myra Hellerstein EXCO-185

How do different groups of women and individuals interact with the health care system, their bodies, and popular health culture? What can we do about it? Through readings, discussion, and informal research projects, we will address the day to day health concerns of ourselves and different women, and how these connect to larger theoretical and political issues. Themes connecting the whole semester include the ways class, race and sexuality change women's health experiences and options, and the importance of informed choice in every area of health.

OCircus 0-1 Credit
Elizabeth Johnson EXCO-195

Did you fall in love with OCircus! Last year? What to help make it even better this year? In OCircus! The ExCo! we will form a core group of dedicated students who are interested in producing this exciting, complex and fun performance. No previous production experience is necessary, but it is certainly welcome!


Language, Culture, and Religion



Intermediate Italian 0-2 Credits
Georgia Blume EXCO 201
This class is designed for students wishing to continue Italian beyond the first year. We will focus on Italian grammar and vocabulary with an intensive look at verbal and grammatical structure. The course will consist of two hour-long classes per week, some homework and quizzes, Italian film and conversation, and lots of fun! Prerequisites: Italian 102, the equivalent, or consent of the instructor.

The Age of Fighting Sail: Life and Organization during the Hey-day of the British Royal Navy (1793-1815) 0-2 Credits
Aaron L. Walker EXCO-203
Through immersion nto naval food, songs, literature, primary and secondary sources, and contemporary film, students will understand the Royal Navy in its Golden Age against Napoleon. For 2 credits, serious students will simulate the RN with roleplaying.

Si Manga Cosi: Italian American Cooking 0-1 Credit
Juliet Alla EXCO-206
This course teaches students the basic cooking techniques and some favorite recipes from the Italian-American kitchen. In class, we will cook a variety of soups, pastas, vegetables, possibly meats, and desserts, learn some basic Italian language, and discuss themes in Italian culture-preferably over dinner. No previous experience required, just a healthy appetite and a course fee of $30 to cover food costs.

Intermediate Turkish Language and Culture 0-2 Credits
Asli Sevinc and Nigar Hacizade EXCO-230
This course is intended for those who are able to understand what follows: Ogrencilerimiz; Sizi istiyoruz! If you want to develop your language skills further and learn more about Turkish culture, this course is for you.

Shamanic Shapeshifting, Merging and Listening 0-1 Credit
Kathy Abromeit EXCO-245
In shamanic practice we deliberately seek to take on the shape of an animal or being in order to call upon the power within the entity for healing or instruction. This course will explore various shapeshifting and merging techniques as tools for healing and instruction. Prerequisite: must have taken Shamanism: and Experiential Exploration or have instructor consent. Course fee: $25.

Essence of Sufism Continued 0-1 Credit
Mary Rhodes and C. Lee Fellure EXCO-248
This course will provide a basic introduction to Sufism, especially as it is practiced in the Chisti tradition. We will begin with definitions of the terms 'Sufi' and 'Sufism' as well as other terms important to the understanding of this esoteric approach to divinity. Students will learn about the origins, history and development of Sufism, as well as its world-wide structural design. Students will also have the opportunity to interact with key Sufi leaders and participate in traditional Sufi dances. In addition, students may participate in a voluntary confidential assessment of their current level of spiritual consciousness.

Storytelling Workshop 0-1 Credits
Bill Himmelsbach and David Reese EXCO 255
This is an opportunity for students to refine and improve their storytelling abilities. Through weekly assignments and comments from the group, we will identify areas for improvement and effective techniques. We will explore wide variety of styles and genres, from personal experience, to creation myths, to jokes.

Beginning Korean
Ye Lin Choi and Da Yae Kim EXCO 257
In this class we will mainly learn basic Korean language. That includes all the alphabets, how to read and write, and short conversations. Along with learning the language we will have some Korean movie nights and a cook out day to understand some Korean culture. There might be a small fee for Korean cook out day, but other that most of the course material will be up on eRes.

Turkish Language and Culture 101 0-2 Credits
Nigar Hacizade and Selin Ercil EXCO-260
Want to learn a new language, know about a vast culture? Planning to study abroad in Turkey? Wish to go to Istanbul one day? Had a schedule conflict last semester? Obsessed with languages? Just can't stop your love for learning? 'Come, come whoever you are.'

Studies of Neo-Paganism in the New Age Movement 0-1 Credit
Stacey Battles EXCO-264
Do you ever find yourself wishing there were a religion course dedicated entirely to explaining the rise of the newest forming religious movements in the West? Witchcraft, Wicca, modern Druidry, and Neo-Shamanism all fall under the umbrella term of Neo-Paganism, and are mostly misunderstood by the general public. We will explore the New Age movement (and its Neo-Pagan component) from its history to the current issues it faces. Come join us in seeing how new religions are forming community and identity in modern society!

Introductory Bamana/Bamanankan Folo 0-1 Credit
Brandon County EXCO-265
An introduction to the West African language of Bamana. Emphasizes verbal expression and conversational comprehension on the elementary level. No prior knowledge of Africa or linguistics is necessary, but students proficient in French will have the opportunity to work with a greater number of resources.


Computers, Math, and Science



Developing Websites with Zope and Plone 0-1 Credit
Will Parks EXCO-315
This course will cover the Zope application server and Plone content management system. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and programming experience is required.

Programming Using MicroWorlds 0-1 Credit
Alexander White EXCO-320
Are you sick of coding in languages that look ugly, produce indecipherable bugs, and make graphics difficult? Have you never programmed before, and want to make sure it's fun? This course will teach you to use MicroWorlds, a variant of LOGO WRITER, which is sues worldwide to introduce students to programming with the help of turtles. Many find MicroWorlds best for making games, but many other projects are doable. Prior work in computer science (especially with LISP) will enhance your appreciation of the language but is not at all necessary. A variety of topics in computer science will be covered.

UFO Exco 0-1 Credit
Aaron Clark EXCO-355
This course will explore incredible stories of UFO's and extraterrestrial life. Hear ancient stories of UFO's, learn about the Roswell incident, Area 51, Alien Abductions, Crop Circles, and more. See pictures and videos of reported UFO encounters that you will see nowhere else. We'll also cover government involvement with the UFO subject and how it has affected our society.


Media and Literature



Log 101: The World According to Ren and Stimpy 0-1 Credit
Shane MacDonald EXCO-401
Once upon a time, cartoons were for children-little four-year-olds who lived with their mommies, sweet silly cartoons-until… Ren and Stimpy! The first cartoon to make you wet your pants and not run in shame has now come to Oberlin. In this course, we will use 'The Ren and Stimpy Show' as a way of peering into recent animation history and real world issues. Course work will include weekly viewings and discussion, brief reading assignments, and a final short paper.

I've Been 12 Forever 0-1 Credit
James O'Connor EXCO-403
Where does Childhood go when we get turned into Adults? A nebulous exploration of childhood through film (movies) by and often about adults. Split in two halves: the psychology and the adventure.

Calvin and Hobbes ExCo 0-1 Credits
Lei Zhao and Matthew Rumizen EXCO-404
This discussion-based class will cover a number of topics related to Bill Watterson's comic strip. Requirements are one two-page paper and one set of discussion questions.

The Best Films You've Never Seen ExCo 0-1 Credit
Sean Gill and Jacob Ruhe EXCO-405
TThis course will examine an underappreciated, overlooked worldwide cinema of quality. The course will be engineered so that every student has seen none of the course films before taking the class. Expect everything from Giallo to Noir to Japanese shock cinema to forgotten American films. The films will be different from last semester.

Everything Ends: The Six Feet Under ExCo ExCo 0-1 Credit
Tom Curtin EXCO-407
This course provides a detailed overview of Alan Ball's terrifically morbid HBO series. Discussions will focus on topics ranging from character studies to social issues. And of course, death.

Modern Cinema of and for the Disturbed ExCo 0-1 Credit
Ian Crews EXCO-409
What makes a movie disturbing? In this course, we will explore this question in the context of an international, intergenre lens. The classification or distinction of a movie as disturbed is incredibly problematic and begs further investigation. This course is designed to promote such investigation as well as to introduce the students to a variety of contemporary films and directors that seem to work within this disturbed classification. There will be weekly screenings and discussion groups, and the student will be asked to write a response paper for each movie in addition to two larger, broader papers.

Creative Writing ExCo 0-2 Credits
Lily Brent and Chanel Dubofsky EXCO-411
This exco will give writers a space and community to share their work, write new pieces, get feedback from one another, and explore various genres of writing.

Strangers with Candy ExCo 0-1 Credit
Mary Liz Critchlow and Rachel Bardin EXCO-411
Come explore the world of a 46-year old ex-con highchool freshman (Amy Sedaris) as she emerges from the slithery underbelly of America only to endure the trials and tribulations of life at Flatpoint High. Get to know and love the fabulous three seasons of Strangers with Candy starring Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello and Greg Holiman.

Japanese Horror Cinema 0-1 Credit
Benjamin Brown EXCO-430

A look at import and and, hopefully, some lesser-known works of Japanese horror cinema. We'll try to get a feel for individual directors rather than just watch a random collection of films. Weekly screenings, discussions, and short response papers.


Dance and Theater



Oberlin College Belly Dance Collective 0-1 Credit
Megan Richards EXCO-505

This is not a course on choreography as it would be presented in a more traditional dance study setting, but rather a course, which is very much concerned with the life force of the dance and the building of a safe community of expression. This course incorporates individuals of all skill-levels, body types and genders in a spirit of self-expression. Participants will become acquainted with a variety of moves in a jam and group instructional setting, work with musical rhythms of the dances, explore its historical context, and above all else, fall in love with the form!

Israeli Dance 0-1 Credit
Stuart Meyer and Aviva Richman EXCO-525
Introduction to footwork and rhythms of Israeli dance styles, including Yemenite, Greek, Arabic, modern Israeli, and classic pioneer Israeli dances.

Continuing Contact Improv 0-1 Credit
Jeremie Chetrit EXCO-535
Continuing Contact Improv is intended for students who have taken a contact improv class before and want to strengthen and deepen their contact skills. We will review skills while adding new ways of thinking about those skills and about contact dancing-in solos, duets, trios and group scores. This is an opportunity for those who have fallen in love with this dance/art/sport to hone their kills and challenge themselves to take their dancing further.

Poi, the Art of Twirling 0-1 Credit
Eric Brook and Ray Schamp EXCO-560
You've seen it with glowsticks at the 'Sco, you've seen it with flags at TGIF, and you've seen it with fire at parties - now it's your turn to learn the majestic art of swinging balls. Students of all skill levels will learn a wide array of moves using several styles of swinging (traditional/sock poi, flags, glowsticks, and meteors). A midterm consisting of a short improvisational performance and a final routine with a circus are requirements to receive credit for the course. Students who do not already own poi may pay a $5 course fee or may be taught to build poi themselves.

Step ExCo 0-1 Credit
Kat Patrick EXCO-563
Learn the techniques of step dance.

Beginning Modern American Swing 0-1 Credit
Amie Patchen and Ryan Squire EXCO-570

This course will teach students the basic steps of East Coast swing (6-count) and Lindy Hop (8-count), including some Charleston and jazz dance. The focus will be on refining fundamentals, having fun, and learning to put swing dance into its historical and social context.

Continuing Modern American Swing 0-1 Credit
Amie Patchen and Lincoln Smith EXCO-571

This class will pick up where the beginning swing class left ff. We will cover more complicated lindy, Charleston, and balboa moves. A lot of attention will be given to technique and connection. You must already be comfortable with the lindy swing out, lindy circle, and Charleston basic to take this class.





Classical Music of North India 0-2 Credits
Hasu Patel and Zak Wardle EXCO-615

The course is offered by a professional musician to give students an introduction to the theory and practice of the classical instruments of Hindustani music: Sitar, Tabla, and Vocal. Students will learn about Raga Sangeet and the context surrounding this sacred music. The course will be taught in traditional style with certain rules regarding the instruments, practice, fellow students, and Guru. Instruments are available for use through the teacher and the Conservatory. Course fee: $130.00 per student.

Marching Band ExCo 0-2 Credits
Margaret Putney and Eric Hughes EXCO-645

We need musicians, color guard members, drum majors, choreographers and drill designers! If you are interested in practicing or acquiring skills in any of these areas, please join us. All ranges of experience welcome.

Rhythm-a-ning on World Percussion 0-1 Credit
Ben Malament EXCO-665

Students will gain an understanding of techniques and backgrounds surrounding instruments and music from Africa, Peru, Brazil, and North America. The evolution and connection of the music throughout all of these places will be examined rhythmically. There is a course fee of $80.00 for the semester.

Steel Drum Ensemble 0-1 Credit
Zeev Saffir and Hannah Neprash EXCO-685

Learn how to play steel drums! A portion of class time will also be spent learning auxiliary percussion instruments. The class culminates in a required performance in the Cat in the Cream. For those interested, this performance is the only way to audition for Oberlin Steel.


Arts, Crafts, and Do-It-Yourself



Beginners' Pottery 0-1 Credit
Paula Sliwinski and Kelly Lloyd EXCO-704
Want to learn how to throw on the potter's wheel? The fundamental kills of throwing (wedging, centering clay, trimming) and glazing techniques will be covered in this beginners' course. We will be meeting weekly at the pottery co-op behind Mudd library.

Color Wheels of Fortune 0-2 Credits
Marie Barnett and Ariane Burwell EXCO-705
Being able to draw and sketch is a skill that is both soothing and applicable anywhere from the margins of your notebook to vacations. This exco will formalize that experience by doing four projects and try to retain some of the spontaneity by meeting in various locations and cultivating a pressure free environment to make art. There will be some required supplies.

Obedient Pony ExCo 0-1 Credit
Allison Katz and Bernard BergmannEXCO-710
Not a rock star? Want to be the next best thing? Learn how to record, promote and distribute an album for local bands, using Oberlin as your playground!

Basic Bicycle Mechanics 0-1 Credit
Ben Ezinga EXCO-715

Learn to know, love, maintain, and rebuild your bike. We will teach you how to identify the parts of your bike, basic maintenance skills, names and functions of all the tools in the Bike Co-op, and all the basic bike systems. Students will also be required to join a shift at the Bike Co-op (3 hours once a week). No bike knowledge required, only enthusiasm for bikes and learning.

Innovations in Human-Powered Machines 0-1 Credit
Cate Hall and Nathanael Anderson EXCO-718

This course will draw equally from the forces of destruction and creation. Using the Bike Co-op as a lab and steel as a mound of clay we'll break and remake vehicles for transportation and altercation or machines to grind grain and write our papers for us. The emphasis will be on the devices supplied by the bicycle, but a disregard for emphasis is encouraged. Sawing, grinding, drilling, bike building and especially welding will be taught, then utilized. Some skill with bicycles would be nice, but shouldn't be a deterrent. $5 course fee for raw materials. .

Collage Co 0-1 Credit
Julia Vogl EXCO-720

Collage-Co! Come experience the history, the artists, the technique and the challenge of the art of collage! In 12 classes, 6 genres, looking at 20 or more artists, with a slide show presentation, games and museum visits, you will learn all the approaches and forms of the medium. Learning from those who have come before, the contemporaries, and the class you will become an expert of the art, and will want to collage everything you own!

Plant-based Healing 0-2 Credits
Marshall Duer-Balkind and A. Cecilia Hayford EXCO-725

Plant-based Healing is a theoretical and practical introduction to the world of plant-based medicine and wellness. Students will leave the class with a strong, basic set of practical skills for identifying, growing, gathering, preparing, and storing plant-based remedies (especially herbal ones); practical skills that can be used to help maintain lifelong health. The class will also explore and critique the political, cultural, philosophical and ethical world of plant-based healing, through weekly readings and discussions, as well as independent projects. It will deal with the exploration of health care, as district from healthcare. No prior experience is required. What is required is a strong commitment to learning, working, healing and thinking in new ways.

Intro to 16mm Film Production 0-2 Credits
Yasamin Ghanbari EXCO-726

We will teach you how to make 16mm films. There will be a $60.00 course fee.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Finance 0-1 Credit
Mark Bates EXCO-740

Our goal is to fill in the understanding gaps between what you learned in Economics and what you'd like to learn and need to know in the realm of finance. By the end of this course, you will have gained a high-level understanding of the world of Finance and Accounting.

Self-paced Hand Knitting 0-1 Credit
Jennifer Potter and Donna Holmes EXCO-746

What do you want to learn? This course is for the knitter who wishes to learn new techniques and to discuss their craft. Participants will plan and work on a project at their own pace. Demonstrations on technique will be based on the needs of the participants. All that is required is the ability to create the knit stitch and the desire to learn new skills. Participants are responsible for providing their own materials.


Physical Activities and Games



Aikido 0-1 Credit
Jonathan Myers and Thomas Newhall EXCO-805

The Aikido ExCo is an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of Aikido, a Japanese martial art that employs circular motion and blending in order to control and subdue an opponent without necessarily causing injury. Aikido is built around concepts of openness, relaxation, and being able to respond to any attack. As Aikido is not dependent on strength, it is suitable for all ages and physiques.

Aerial Arts 0-1 Credit
Katherine Ewald and Sarah Hymanson EXCO-808

In this course, we will teach the basics of circus and aerial arts. This will start out with beginner static and single-point trapeze vocabulary and will move up into more advanced aerial work as the course progresses, including Spanish Web, Corde and Tissu/Fabric. Focus will be on body awareness, strengthening, stretching, and working with others. All skill levels are encouraged to take this course, although some previous athletic experience would be helpful. Aerial arts will culminate in an optional performance with OCircus at the end of the semester. $30 course fee.

Beginning Fencing 0-1 Credit
Rachel Green, Carly Truman and Daniel Herr EXCO-810

Come learn the beautiful and sexy art of fencing! We will be teaching beginning foil, so no experience is required. Next time you need to defend your honor, you'll be ready.

Croquet 0-1 Credit
Michael Leete EXCO-815

Come and learn the skills needed to excel at this sport. There are more rules and history than you may have thought, and you will learn many of the styles and variations of the sport.

Learn Go 0-1 Credit
Matt Luce EXCO-826

Learn the rules and basic strategies of the ancient Asian game of Go. There will be lecture and individual instruction, trips to the Cleveland Go Club, and lots of playing time.

Play Hockey Like Your Mamma Taught You 0-1 Credit
Adam Seidman, Bryce Fotiu-Wojtowicz and Talor Walsh EXCO-828

Hockey's back...celebrate wih the ICE HOCKEY EXCO! Whether you've wanted to play hockey before but never have, or you're a veteran with years of experience, this is the ExCo for you. The best part: there are NO prerequisites and NO fees! You don't even need to own a pair of ice skates. Seriously. The emphasis of this course is to learn to play and have fun, and we'll be playing with VERY limited contact. Make your mamma proud. Play HOCKEY!

Stilting ExCo 0-1 Credit
Martha Friedman and Benny Wheat EXCO-830

If you've ever been to the circus, you've probably seen people walk on stilts. Now you can become that someone. In this class, we will build stilts and learn the artistry needed to perform safely, comfortably, and gracefully on them.

Isshin-Ryu Karate 0-1 Credit
David Jackson and James Ashenhhurst EXCO-835

Training for mind, body, and soul, this class is open to beginners as well as those with martial arts experience. Taking the class makes one eligible to join the Oberlin Karate Kai. There is no class size limit, so everyone who is interested will get in.

Super Smash Brothers Melee Theory and Practice 0-1 Credit
Brian Mazur, Mike Blejer and Quentin Jones EXCO-845

This course will teach students the basic, intermediate and advanced combat techniques in the video game Super Smash Brothers Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube. This course will also provide in depth lectures and discussions involving many controversial issues concerning video games in our society today such as censorship, stereotyped characters, addiction, and gaming as an evolving art form. Gamecubes, televisions and controllers will be provided by the instructors. Gamers and non-gamers are welcome and encouraged to take this course. Classes will meet for two and a half hours each week-one and a half hours during regularly scheduled discussion and class time, and one hour outside regular class time as a practicum to practice and refine skills.

Table Tennis 0-1 Credit
Stevan Slaff EXCO-847

Want to get better at table tennis (ping pong)? We will go through all the necessary skills from basic strokes to advanced serves and finish the semester with a tournament. We will also work with the table tennis robot and watch videos of professional players. There is no course fee, but we highly recommend buying a good paddle through Oberlin. Players of all levels are encouraged to apply!

Rock Climging Fundamentals 0-1 Credit
Alex Nichls EXCO-850

This class is designed to train the next generation of climbing wall supervisors. The emphasis will be on how to teach proper climbing safety. In addition, we will cover everything from basic technique to bouldering, lead climbing, route setting, and how to 'crank down hard!' There will be an outdoor climbing expedition to practice our new skills.

Beginning Tumbling 0-1 Credit
Erica Rubenstein and Marta Brown EXCO-851

Do you look better upside-down? Learn fundamental gymnastics and tumbling skills in a class designed for beginners. Improve your strength, flexibility and body awareness. Culminates in the opportunity to perform in OCircus.

Save a Cowboy: Ride a Horse (and learn about them too!) 0-1 Credit
Becky Rudolph and Lisa Greenberg EXCO-857

This course will allow horse enthusiasts to gain an in-depth knowledge of horse care, safety and management. It will introduce students to horsemanship and basics of riding. The course will cover basic grooming, equipment and maintenance needs. We will then cover the intricacies of horse birthing and veterinary care as three of our horses will be having babies. The course will culminate with an hour-long semi-private lesson. Yeah, you get to ride. Class will meet once a week for two hours. Course Fee: $25.

Volleyball 0-1 Credit
Ezra Temko and Jesse Gerstin EXCO-860

We will learn the basics of volleyball. All levels are welcome. We will be practice with the Volleyball Club team, the OC Camelspiders. There will be practicing/scrimmaging twice a week in addition to games/tournaments.

Water Polo 0-1 Credit
Gabriel Golden, Zachary Kaplan-Moss, Leah Hatfield EXCO-865

We will learn all the basics of Water Polo, focusing on treading, ball skills, and some swim conditioning. All levels are welcome. We will be practicing with the Water Polo Club and drawing from their collective knowledge and resources. There will be at least three women's intercollegiate tournaments and two co-ed tournaments. Practice will be 2-3 afternoons a week.

Vinyasa Yoga 2 0-1 Credit
Lance Westendarp EXCO-876

This course will focus on learning the basics of yoga postures with the aid of props. We will begin work on meditation and pranayama breathing techniques. Depending on how the class progresses, we will slowly start introducing the vinyasa style of yoga. This is a continuation of techniques from fall semester.