* nothing but treble, fall 2005 *

Emily "aMeRicAn iDoL" Bielagus, '06

other nicknames: Billygoat, Ez
hometown: Amherst, NH
treb since: Fall 2002
major[s]: English
treb job: Beer bi-atch
favorite trebs song[s]:
favorite dead guy: Jesus [runner up: Faulkner]
if i could be a day of the week, i'd be: Saturday, and I'd start out with a cup of coffee and end with a 40!
favorite part of being a treb: check-ins that last for full rehearsals, pre-show jitters and mr. shakey.

Amanda Brown, '08

other nicknames: Manda, mands, Le, geetz(uhhh...)
hometown: Rochester, NY
treb since: Fall 2005!
major[s]: .....eh
treb job: Copier
favorite trebs song[s]: Fall At Your Feet or Glorybox, so far.
favorite childhood movies: The Princess Bride, tied with The Labyrinth (it's David Bowie! how much cooler can you get?)
if i could be something delicious, i'd be: guacamole
favorite part of being a treb: the singing, the girls, the overall goodness

Meg "tURn tHe fUcKinG miKe oN" Donnelly, '06

other nicknames: Meggin, Pinky
hometown: Hollis, NH
treb since: Fall 2002
major[s]: English, Religion
treb job: Liaison
favorite trebs song[s]:
favorite word/item of clothing: sneakers
if i could be a weather forecast, i'd be: sunny with a chance of flurries
favorite part of being a treb: singing in the stairwells, sitting on the piano, illegal chinese food, public drunkenness.
anything else?: I hate performing, I'm in it for the rehearsals.

pic coming soon Kate Ewald, '09

other nicknames: People don't really give me nicknames...My dad calls me peanut and my friends call me Kate. You can call me G-Money.
hometown: Baltimore!
treb since: Fall 2005
major[s]: ???
treb job: Venue Getter/Room Signer Outer
favorite trebs song[s]: Glory Box, If I Ever
favorite element: metal (and that's totally an element in Eastern body work, so don't go arguing)
if i could meet anybody, i'd meet: Ghandi. Pre-death.
favorite part of being a treb: The girls, the moment when the music clicks.
anything else?: nope.

Alicia "tHe GluE" Kim, '06

other nicknames: Helpful, Al, Ali, Leash, Snazy
hometown: Scottsdale, AZ
treb since: Fall 2002
major[s]: Music: History-Theory Emphasis, Law & Society minor
treb job: Co-director, Webmaster
favorite trebs song[s]: Walking in Memphis and Harder to Breathe
favorite teenage mutant ninja turtle: Donatello! So obviously the coolest. I mean, c'mon, he can beat people up with a stick. Can YOU beat people up with just a stick? Aaaand he's purple.
if i could be anywhere else, i'd be: v Praze!
favorite part of being a treb: Why, being a rock star, of course.
anything else?: W.H. Auden> "No opera plot can be sensible, for people do not sing when they are feeling sensible."

Juliet Lu, '08

other nicknames: Ju Lu
hometown: Nashua, NH
treb since: Fall 2004
major[s]: East Asian Studies, Politics
treb job: CDs/Office Supervisor/W.I.T.
favorite trebs song[s]:
favorite joke: What's brown and sticky? a StIcK!
if i could be a jungle animal, i'd be: a Dandelion
favorite part of being a treb: Perfecting my backwards somersaults.

Emily "wOoDy" Palmer, '07

hometown: Chicago, IL (Chi-town!)
treb since: Fall '03
major[s]: Undecided
treb job: Co-director
favorite trebs song[s]:
favorite food on a chilly day: soup (any kind without seafood)
if i could be a constellation, i'd be: Cassiopeia
favorite part of being a treb: Late night rehearsals

Jessica Scharff, '07

hometown: Louisville, KY
treb since: Fall 2004
major[s]: African American Studies and Interdisciplinary Performance.
treb job: SEXY Secretary
favorite trebs song[s]:
favorite favorite way to get from point A to B: steppin'
if i could be an animated disney character, i'd be: the GENIE
favorite part of being a treb: pajama rehearsals, bein an idiot, check-ins, making up awkward warm-ups, the drawings on the board, the thursday night tipsies, and of course, the Divalisciousness.

pic coming soon Rebekah Steadwell, '09

other nicknames: Bekah Boo, Rebek, Bex, B. Money
hometown: Washington D.C.
treb since: Like yesterday (Fall 2005)
major[s]: ??
treb job: Publicity
favorite trebs song[s]: Dragana, If I ever
favorite thing to do when no one's watching: dance like a fool, make up my own language
if i could be an animal, i'd be: a pink flamingo
favorite part of being a treb: hanging out with a bunch of adorable lunatics?
anything else?: Shot out to Ashley

Elizabeth "tiMbaLaNd" Tigar, '06

other nicknames: Liz, Tigar (like Tiger), Rosebud (thanks Mom), Flocklemoggets (don't ask)
hometown: Austin, Texas
treb since: Fall '02!
major[s]: Econ
treb job: Co-director
favorite trebs song[s]:
favorite appetizer: insalata caprese
if i could be famous for being famous [and hot], i'd be: Paris Hilton
favorite part of being a treb: the girls, the late-night crazies, check-ins, illicit alcohol consumption.
anything else?: That's it... check.

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