* in our hearts forever *

Erica Kapitan-Daniel, 'o6

Clare McNulty, 'o7

Lydia "aFRiCa" Scheidler, 'o4

Deshaun "yAMs" Snead, 'o4

Jenny "bOySCoUt" Rushlow, 'o4

Arianna "iNdUsTRiAl" Aerie, 'o4

Kathleen "bRuiSeR" McGlone, 'o3

Abbey "sEaGuLLs" Tennis, 'o3

Joanne Winograd, 'o6

Hayley "pRivAtE dAncEr" Haupt, 'o3 and Aquila Kiki "KiKiLatOr" Mayle, 'o2

Julie "mAMa j" Johnson, 'o2

Clara Hiroshi "eNeRgy iN yOu" Hatanaka, 'o2

Kim "tHe BoSS" Cook, 'o2

Shannon Harman, 'oo

Shauna Jones

Andrea Kamins

Miriam Kasell, 'o1

Adriana Lopez-Young, 'o1

Daniele Martin, 'o1

Louise McGauley, 'o1

Anna Roseberry

Samantha Seneviratne, 'o1

Lucy Storey

On Women's Work: (front) Amanda Ovington, Chwee Sze Foong '99, Susan Ridha '97, Jumee Park '99, Amy McIntire '00, (back) Mahrya Dakubu, Nikka Pierce '98, Jacqueline "kiTTeN mUnChEr" Linge '97, Anita Shunmugham '97, Tina Deck '98, Emily Coward '00, Joy Mariama Smith '98, Michelle Shim '97, Tanya "cOcoA" Rosen '96.5

1994-1995 Trebs, recorders of the first Nothing but Treble CD, Trebuantes

* And our Treb founders to whom we owe everything:
Kris Gordon and Maud Mandel '85 *

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