* spring 2004 concerts *

The Eastern Michigan University (aka EMU) Descant, a co-ed a cappella group who stopped in Oberlin on Feburary 20th, the first stop on their spring tour! It was loads of fun singing a concert with them, and then partying afterwards! :)

Sound check for our fabulous concert with the Obertones April 22, 2004 in Finney: and y'all know who's "Never Gonna Get It"... tell 'em, Liz.

Emily B. sure can tell 'em, the other soloist on "NGGI".

Benji singing us "Crazy Love" before we start our set.

Lydia being super hot singing "Harder to Breathe"... aren't YOU writhing in a naked sweat?
[thanks to Joo Kim for the pictures of the Obertones concert!]

Arianna, Meghan, Elizabeth, Lydia, and Emily P warming up in Lydia's lab (frozen mosquitos and all) to sing at the Biology Majors Tea.

Warming up for our show with the Offbeats May 7 in the Environmental Studies Building: Emily P, Erica, Liz, Meghan C, and Meg.

Deshaun, Emily B, Lydia, Arianna, and Jenny, as we decide our set lists.

All the Trebs in our snazzy solid-color-with-black-accent outfits!

Alicia singing "Hold On" to start the first set.

Because "Billie Jean" is NOT Jenny's lover...

The spectacular finale, where the Offbeats and Nothing but Treble joined forces for a beautiful rendition of "And So It Goes" ::tear::

A mini-version of our VERY cool poster for the final show of the year! Liz, you are the Photoshop master.

Group picture after our rockin' 2004 commencement show: Alicia, Meghan C, Emily B, Elizabeth, Erica, Meg D, Emily P, Arianna, Jenny, Lydia, and Deshaun.

It's our four graduating seniors, Trebs class of 2004: Jenny Rushlow, Deshaun Snead, Arianna Aerie, and Lydia Scheidler. We love you and will miss you guys!!!

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