* random pictures from rehearsals *

Emily, Elizabeth, Meg, Arianna, Lydia, KATIE (Treb who graduated last year), and Alicia in Tappan Square after a delicious brunch at Black River

"1, 121, 12321..." Because sometimes warm-ups are the hardest part of the night

Liz and Arianna laughin' it up

Meg taking her usual place on the piano (shh... don't tell the Con staff)

"Cry me a river, cry me a river, girl, YEAH YEAH..."

Liz and Erica, 2 of the hottest basses around (yes, they can sing lower than some men... HOT.)

Co-director Lydia helping us do what we're supposed to do--sing the right notes!

Why oh why is "Under Pressure" 15 pages of music...

Emily #2 and Meghan #2, our two freshmen!

"This is our LAST DANCE... this is ourseeeeeeeelves...UNDER PRESSURE!"

Why, this image needs no explanation at all...

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