* random pictures from rehearsals *

A sunny day in May when we had rehearsal outside on Tappan Square.

Hurray for Trebs potlucks... especially when THREE people bring ice cream! (and it's not even all the picture)

Trebs in the "studio"! We recorded a kick-ass CD over Senior Week 2004: Alicia, Jenny, Lydia, Emily P, Meg, Arianna, Deshaun, Elizabeth, Erica, Meghan, and Emily P.

Liz and Meghan C.

Meg, Emily B, Erica, Jenny, Lydia, Emily P, and Meghan doing some more recording.

More recording... we spent a good week in this studio and made it our home.

One way we did that was to take off all our shoes at the door! (yup, that's 11 pairs of shoes)

It's Sam, with SR Sound who did a fabulous job recording us, with a masterpiece of recording technology... the percussion mike! (ha, just kidding...)

It's the Treb Appreciation Party!!! Thrown by our good friends at one.eighteen. Good friends, good fun, and good Woody... Trebs are happy.

It also happened to be Meghan's birthday!!! We celebrated by giving her a LOT of champagne...

"Akolite..." Yeah, it's the Dragana quartet as performed by 2 very drunk seniors, Jenny and Arianna.

Yeah, it's a Treb dance party! Thanks to the guys at one.eighteen for throwing us a fab party!

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