* who we were *

Originally, my roommate Maud [now Professor at Brown], decided to
take up guitar the first few weeks of first year at Barrows. I was
double degree, so, admittedly was not ready to live with someone
beginning a new instrument. Especially when all she could play be
the end of month one was Kumbaya. Over and over. And over. Maud at
the time was also in crush with an original Obertone, Tom, and I with
his best friend, Chris. Aha!
An idea was begun. Instead of smashing Maud's
guitar over her head [as I dearly wished to do], we started singing
two-part harmony to get the aforesaid scoundrely Tone's attention.
Sadly, it did not work. He began dating Deb, [a future sop. 2] instead.
Kim, our across the hall mate joined us with her roommate, Kirsten
[not only because she was across the hall, but also to attempt to snag
Chris #2, a Tone tenor.] Kirsten spent the first few rehearsals pining
for Daniel, another across the haller who I believe is now on permanent
Obie Staff. I brought along Kelly, another Double Degree clarinetist,
who became involved with Rachael [who Trebbed a few years later] who
later fell in love with Kate who became a second soprano Senior year.
Of course we approved Suzanne, who stole Chris [Tom's best friend]
from me, but it was okay because I had started dating his roommate Jack,
who ended up with Leanne, one of our original soprano ones, later
dumped by her and then Jenny [a 2nd semester addition to soprano ones].
And who could forget Janna, who is now professional Opera in NYC,
who became a traitor, and befriended Arnold, the founder of the Tones,
and still is close to Jeff, their musical director. Follow me? We have
all made a Trebpact to meet during reunions to watch Trebs, clapping so
hard that I break my future cane, Maud's future dentures fall out onto
Arnold's lap, and Kim runs over as many Tones as possible with her future walker.

Trebs were the best part of what we were. We traveled in Treb packs. We partied with Treb kegs, and we still mop up each others Treb tears after almost two decades.
Well done, ladies.

~ Kris Gordon, one of the founders of Nothing but Treble

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