<< Front page Arts March 19, 2004

Writer’s Bloc doesn’t blow

Writer’s Bloc is not the new Oberlin writers society, and it’s not a poetry slam. It’s a new sketch comedy group on campus and, despite the misnomer, a damn funny one. Usual sketch comedy performances at the Cat in the Cream are exercises in entrapment (much like the Little Theater). It’s so small and those on stage can see you; no matter how uncomfortable or confused you may be. There ain’t no gettin’ out.

And admittedly, Writer’s Bloc performed a few skits that veered in the direction of discomfort. However, from the moment Mike Blejer, College sophomore, walked onto stage in a white body suit and swim cap, tail in hand, preaching the wonders of the new campaign “No Sperm Left Behind,” Writer’s Bloc had its audience’s attention.

Some of the other skits were funny, too. For instance, in one skit a girl’s parents wait to meet her boyfriend for the first time, only to discover that he is a yeti, or abominable snowman. But the skit doesn’t end there. Oh no, the yeti still has to admit to eating a bus full of third-graders, and that he isn’t really a yeti at all; he’s just a creep in a furry costume. In another skit, some angry feminists stormed into the men’s shoe department of a department store, accusing the employees of imposing a patriarchal system of gendered shoes and biased shoe sizes on unsuspecting women. “We believe that only the wearer of the shoe can determine what size she is,” they shouted.

Other skits, however, did not fair quite so well. When the woman visiting her husband in jail said through the glass, “I wish that you could suck my pussy dry,” I was not amused. I’m sorry. I just really did not want to think about her, and that, and there. Even the cat on the wall behind her seemed a little offended. And they said “F*ck.” A lot. I mean, a f*cking lot. It was funny...for a while...but one got the feeling that when the troupe couldn’t think of anything funny to add to the dialogue, they added “f*ck.”

And then there was the “coke.” In retrospect, it was probably naive to wonder why this performance of Writer’s Bloc was called “The Coke Show.”

The show ended with a warm, celebratory gathering of all the cast members on the small stage, crawling across the floor and eagerly inhaling cocaine, (pretending, I’m sure) singing “Let’s all snort some coke!” to acoustic guitar. “The Coke Show,” indeed.

Writer’s Bloc is a force to be reckoned with in the future. So next time they’re powdering their noses, be sure to check this fly sketch troupe out.


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