<< Front page Commentary March 19, 2004

Many thanks to Carr’s article

To the Editors:

I write to publicly thank Jesse Carr for his letter last week concerning the Review’s article on basketball player Bosko Tomasevic two weeks ago.

I, too, was deeply troubled by the Review’s prominent, admiring article — an article that neglected to mention the deep pain and fear felt by many on this campus because of events (allegedly) involving Mr. Tomasevic two years ago. I was even more troubled when I realized that the majority of people on this campus (including, perhaps, the author of the article?) did not know what happened two years ago, and that many of those who did know had forgotten.

It needs to be known.

Thank you, Jesse, for writing the letter I didn’t know how to write. You are not alone in your sentiments. I, for one, have not forgotten.

–Melissa Threadgill
College senior


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