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Friday, March 19

Lecture: “Roger Copeland on his new book Merce Cunningham: The Modernizing of Modern Dance. A book signing will follow the lecture. Oberlin Bookstore, 3 p.m.

Saturday, March 20

Service: “Service of Sorrow and Hope.” Interfaith gathering on the anniversary of the beginning of the Iraqi war. Peace Community Church: 44 E. Lorain St., 11 a.m.
Workshop: Diversity in the Workplace Conference 2004,“Get IN to Fit IN&148; Environmental Studies Center: Hallock Auditorium, 11 a.m.

Sunday, March 21

Opening: Grand Opening of the Biodiesel Processor. Come learn how vegetable oil can be converted to fuel and other fun facts about biodiesel. Adam Joseph Lewis Center, 4 p.m.
HIV Testing: Free, oral, anonymous, confidential. Wilder 314, 5 p.m.

Monday, March 22

Registar: Online schedule of classes for fall 2004 and registration information available for students.
Meeting: Informal discussion and planning session about Native/Indigenous Studies. King 323, 4:30 p.m.

Tuesday, March 23

Seminar: “Meeting Financial Challeges at Mid Career,” a financial education seminar by TIAA-CREF. Wilder 101, 12 p.m.
Seminar: “Getting Ready for Retirement,” a financial education seminar by TIAA-CREF. Wilder 101, 3 p.m.

Wednesday, March 24

Workshop: “Planning to Retire? Financial Planning Steps for Today, Part 1.” A financial education seminar presented by Oberlin College and American Express Financial Advisors Inc. Wilder 101, 12 p.m.

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