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In the locker room with...Jonah Teitelbaum

So your first and second games got rained out on Monday and Wednesday. Do you think you’re going to actually get to start your season anytime soon? This is Ohio, after all.

JT: Well, we’re going down to Tennessee this weekend and Florida during Spring Break. Hopefully we’ll get our home opener in the weekend we get back from Florida on April 3rd and 4th.

So what did you do on St. Patrick’s Day? Did you guys have practice?

JT: Yeah, we had practice from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Then I came home and studied extremely hard and went to sleep.

That sucks. I went to, uh, an opera…with an Irish girl…the opera was in Irish.

JT: That sucks.

How many freshman recruits did the baseball team have come in this year?

JT: We got six new guys. Three pitchers, a catcher and two middle infielders. So we’re looking strong up the middle for future years.

What is a middle infielder?

JT: Shortstop and second.

Why didn’t you just say “shortstop and second” instead of confusing me and making me think that baseball suddenly had midfielders?
JT: Because I like confusing big lacrosse players.

Right. Speaking of midfielders, what position do you play?

JT: I’m a pitcher.

A pitcher, eh? Speaking of which, someone told me that your pitching coach has been growing his sideburns steadily for the past four years. What’s the deal with that?

JT: [indiscriminate laughter] No comment.

Back on topic — with six freshmen on the team, how is the season looking? What are the team’s expectations?

JT: We definitely have high expectations with a strong recruiting class and lots of veteran players. We expect to win at least 20 games and make the playoffs and I think that we will.

How many games are in the season?

JT: I think around 35.

Are you a relief pitcher or a starting pitcher?

JT: My relief now will probably be long relief and hopefully I’ll get a few starting spots here and there.

What determines which pitchers are relief pitchers versus starters?

JT: At this level usually the best pitchers will start and guys who can eat up innings will start.

Stop playing with my lacrosse stick.

JT: Stop playing with your stick? [long pause]

Lacrosse…stick. Dick. So, have you guys found any dead birds on the baseball diamond as of late? Perhaps last week sometime?

JT: We actually haven’t been on the diamond yet because it’s not in good condition, but I’ll keep an eye out.

Just wondering. I heard there is a “hawk” roaming the north fields.

JT: Let’s wrap this up, I gotta’ shower.

You didn’t shower yet?

JT: No, man.

Ew. Well I guess we are in Oberlin. When in Rome…

JT: Do as the Obies do.


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