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Oberlin in History

The Halloween spirit may have felt somewhat dampened this year since the holiday took place on a Monday night. The occasion was publicly marked at Oberlin by little more than a spooky movie and flyers for parties happening this weekend. In contrast, in 1985, Halloween was a big, diverse, campus-wide event. But, even 20 years ago the holiday fell inconveniently on a weekday and some events had to happen on the following weekend. So, there’s hope yet for a happy Halloween, especially if you follow in the footsteps of the ghosts of Oberlin past. Also, see if you notice anything different about the Oberlin seal that was printed with this article. It’s pretty funny. Think Halloween!
    -The News Team

Oberlin in History
November 1, 1985

Traditionally, All Hallow’s Eve has been the night where all devils, witches and ghouls come out and do their mischief before the holy All Saint’s Day on November 1st. Far be it from Oberlin to break with tradition. A fiendishly good time is in store for students this weekend.

The events started yesterday with the Halloween/Cultural Carnival held outdoors between Third World and Afrikan Heritage houses. Visitors were entertained by fortune-tellers from Asia House and a piñata from Spanish House. Ethnic foods were sold and admission was a canned goods donation for the Oberlin Food Bank.

The Alumni Office sponsored an informal Halloween reception for students last night –“Alumkins & Pumpkins.” They served mulled cider and munchies to students on the lawn of Bosworth Hall.

The day ended with a Halloween dance and costume party held in the disco last night. Admission was free for costumed revelers and the most original and scary costumes were judged. The Rathskellar offered special drink prices and hot dogs steamed in beer for the occasion.

Tonight, Barrows Hall will throw a “Barrow’s Bash” for its residents and their guests. The costume party will feature the student band, “The Shivers.” The bash is being organized by Mark Weiss and Lou Bajuk, who is notorious for a vampire impersonation and glow-in-the-dark fangs.

Talcott will hold its renowned Halloween costume party Saturday night. A limited number of tickets are being sold in advance for $1.50. The costume competition attracts elaborate and highly original disguises. Two live bands, “What Fell” and “Exhibit A” will play, and Baldwin Cottage will set up a “haunted basement” for party-goers.


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