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OC volleyball finishes their season with a loss
We’ve got spirit: Senior Jeanne Feuerstein and first-year Isabella Ganbuto both jump for a block against Wittenberg.

As the thrilling beats of “Eye of the Tiger” resonated from the doors of the gymnasium, the Oberlin College women’s volleyball team began their routine warm-up in preparation for the last home game of the season. Seniors Katie Au, Jeanne Feuerstein, Shoshannah Bramlett and junior Callie Sadler all bumped, set and spiked the ball for one last time on Oberlin turf.

Tuesday, Nov. 1 was the last chance the team had to show their devoted Oberlin fans what they were made of. Although the Yeowomen were defeated by Wittenberg 3-0, they put up a valiant battle and departed the court with pride.

Captain Au said of the completion of the season, “our last few home games were very exciting. There were some excellent rallies and our fans were incredibly supportive and enthusiastic.”

With only one game remaining to achieve a victory, the Yeowomen ventured to Notre Dame on Wednesday, Nov. 2 to face the Falcons. An emotional game for the seniors, Oberlin could not quite gain their ground, and Notre Dame triumphed with a 3-0 win. Au got down and dirty, dishing out 11 digs.

All in all the 2005 season was a transition period and a time for learning. With four powerhouse seniors graduating, the underclassmen will miss their spirits and energy on the court. Sophomore Deysi Villarreal commemorated the seniors: “Jeanne and Katie, being our captains, stood out from the rest ingiving their all in every game and Callie, graduating early, killed the ball whenever we were in a tight spot, helping the team get many side outs.”

Team captain Feuerstein re- evaluated her years on the team: “A lot of people tell me that I don’t seem like the type that plays a varsity sport. For just that reason I have held an atypical role on the team, being knighted ‘the meat- eating vegan.’ I lived in Harkness with all of my friends who were not athletes, lacking what some might call a ‘team mentality,’ yet looking back, none of it mattered.”

As the team moves on and changes, Feuerstein leaves Oberlin with a request. “In the next couple of years,” she said, “the team is going to change dramatically, gain confidence, attract more skilled players and win more games. I hope, however, that the team will still be open to players that are not archetypal volleyball players, but girls that love the game and have tremendous heart.”

The Yeowomen completed their season with a record of 3-20 and 0-7 in the NCAC. The seniors will be moving on, the returnees will improve, but they will always remain Yeowomen. Au leaves a finishing note: “Lastly, I wish the returnees the best of luck. Carey Cavanaugh is an excellent coach and I am confident the volleyball program will continue to improve.”


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