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Table tennis completes first match

On Saturday, Oct. 29, the Oberlin College table tennis club competed in their first collegiate meet. Eight schools such as Ohio State and the University of Michigan went head to head at Ohio State in Columbus, Ohio. In this highly competitive meet, the teams fought for a top two finish, which earns them a spot at the National Table Tennis Meet.

Five Oberlin players traveled to Ohio State including sophomore Raphael Lizama, junior Aaron Parker and senior Steven Slaff.

The OTTC performed exceptionally well for a rookie team, finishing the tournament with three wins and four losses, with key victories against the University of Akron and Shawnee State.

“On the face of things, a record of three and four might not seem like a great result, but we were playing against teams that have been training and competing for years. For our newly formed team to win nearly half our matches at our first meet speaks highly of Oberlin’s table tennis potential,” said team captain Slaff.

Although the Yeomen played exceptionally well considering the lack of experience, the newly-founded team has a lot to build on in order to compete with big-name schools in the Ohio Division.

“Schools like Ohio State have tens of thousands of people to draw from for members. While our Oberlin players are very talented, most of them have had little or no real training, which puts us at a large disadvantage that we will have to work diligently to overcome,” said Slaff.

The OTTC plans on continuing to compete in meets throughout Ohio.


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