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Dye Cuts the Ribbon on Hybrid Cars at Oberlin
Hot Wheels: Andrew deCoriolis, Ryan McKenzie, and Nancy Dye pose in front of Oberlin’s newest arrivals, the hybrid cars (top). McKenzie looks on as Dye cuts the ribbon (bottom).

Oberlin College has achieved yet another first: the first community in Ohio to have its own hybrid car-sharing program.

At 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, dozens of students gathered in the environmental science building to witness the CityWheels Ribbon-Cutting Celebration.

“This is a happy day,” President Nancy Dye began. She beamed as she thanked junior environmental studies major Andrew deCoriolis, Director of Finance Ron Watts and CityWheels President Ryan McKenzie, whose efforts led to the fruition of the relatively inexpensive carshare program, which was outlined in the Dec. 9 issue of the Review.

Before leading the crowd outside to view the two car fleet, which includes a cherry-colored Hybrid Prius and a matching Scion, Dye gave the microphone over to McKenzie and DeCoreolis.

“About a year ago I decided ‘I’m gonna do this,’” McKenzie said. Before launching CityWheels, he had tried to bring environmentally friendly travel to Cleveland through outside companies without success.

“I’m so thankful for Oberlin College’s assistance,” he said. “It’s a dream for me.”

deCoriolis, who is actively involved in other Environmental Policy Implementation Group projects, was just as thrilled.

“It’s really revolutionary,” he said.

Once outside in the cold, the crowd’s excitement grew and they cheered when Dye cut the gold ribbon on the Prius. Even more telling were the three students who leapt into the backseat when Dye took the car for a spin.

While enthusiasm for the new initiative was evident, Dye cautioned that for the program to survive, it would need to spread.

“This is a pilot project and it’s important for people to use the cars. That is why they’re here,” she said.


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