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In The Locker Room with Quinton Spencer

This week’s In the Locker Room peeks into the life of the man whom some call the Kobe Bryant of Oberlin. Junior Quinton Spencer led the Oberlin Yeomen basketball squad to their first win of the season in a triple overtime game in which Spencer racked up a spectacular 47 points and 12 rebounds to record an impressive double-double. We discussed many things, from his amazing performance to his diet. We were also blessed by a surprise visit from men’s lacrosse super stud junior Bryan Harfenist.

MT: Quinton, go over exactly what was going on in your head as you achieved a milestone in Oberlin College sports.
QS: Well, to be honest, nothing was really going through my mind. I was just playing the game. I did not realize how many points I had until someone told me after the game.

MT: You had no idea that you had just tied a school record with 47 points?
QS: No, it just seems that on nights when you score a lot you don’t realize it, unlike nights where you think you’re putting up a ton on the scoreboard and really you have little... (trails off as Bryan Harfenist approaches the table)
BH: Hey, what’s going on?
MT: This is an interview with Quinton Spencer.
BH: Oh yeah? You scored 47 points in one game. That’s really good, congratulations.
QS: Thank you.
BH: Well, I’m going to class.
MT: Thanks, “men’s lacrosse star Bryan Harfenist,” for stopping by.
BH: You’re welcome and I will see you guys later.

MT: Now, Quinton, some people around campus have been comparing you to Kobe Bryant. For those who don’t know, Kobe had 81 points in a recent game and has had multiple 40 point games this season. How do you respond to such a comparison?
QS: Well, Kobe is a great player and everything, but I personally would rather be compared to Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat. His experience with the Heat has made him a great player and I think right now he is even better than Lebron James.

MT: Quinton, I notice that you have stitches on your eyelid. Why is this? Did you have them when you scored 47 points?
QS: Well, some fool thought he could take a rebound from me in the Wabash game and certainly enough elbows started to fly. Next thing you know, my eye is cut. Yes, I played with the stitches in the Hiram game as well as every game since the cut happened.

MT: Quinton, you’re a tank. Most great athletes have a secret diet and workout that aid in their phenomenal play. Do you have a secret diet?
QS: Yes, I have a very strenuous diet which sticks to the basics of pasta and pizza. I am very particular about what I eat and put into my body so I keep it simple with pizza and pasta.

MT: Well what is your favorite food to eat out of your complex diet?
QS: Well, steak I like a lot and also anything fried pretty much. Like I stated, I’m particular about my food and I don’t leave the four food groups of pasta, pizza, steak and everything fried.

MT: Yummy! That’s a manly diet if ever there was one. Well, Quinton, it’s time to ask the question on everyone’s mind. Who is your favorite superhero?
QS: Spider-Man. I also like the Hulk even though his movie sucked. Batman’s new movie is pretty cool. I liked that a lot.

MT: Finally, what reflection do you have on this current season?
QS: Well, it’s been frustrating at times, but we are young and we keep progressing. If there was one word I would use for our team this season it would have to be consistency.


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