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Men’s Tennis Undefeated, Moves to 6-0 for Year
Got your back: Junior Bryce Fotiu-Wojtowicz covers sophomore Colin Burling’s backhand as the men’s tennis team practices for the Feb. 18 game against Wabash.

The Yeomen tennis squad has been on a roll in recent games, winning each match convincingly. Oberlin has begun the season so well that they are currently undefeated through five games.

On Thursday Feb. 23, the Yeomen squared off against Heidleberg. In doubles, all three levels dominated their matches, winning all three. In singles, the Yeomen fell one victory shy of a clean sweep, resulting in a final score of 6-1.

On Saturday Feb. 25, the Yeomen went up against Otterbein. The Yeomen beat Otterbein in doubles without a single loss and continued to have success in singles competition. The final score against Otterbein was 7-0.

Their last game was against Wittenberg on Sunday Feb. 26. During the Wittenberg matches, the Yeomen were up against strong competition for the first time in four games.

In doubles, the Yeomen played three very close games, two matches going to Wittenberg while Oberlin came out on top in the third. In singles, the Yeomen gave it their all as Wittenberg started bringing the heat. Sophomore Chris Pray won his match with ease, finishing with scores of 6-2 and 6-1.

Senior David Cotter, in the next seat, fought a hard match, winning his first set 7-5 but losing his second set by a very thin margin of 6-7. He came back to win the tie-breaker 6-4. Third seat was Jimmy Rosenheim. Though he started off slow in his first set, losing 1-6, he came back with a vengeance, winning his second set 6-4 and the tie-breaker 6-1.

First-year David Middler was up next and dominated his match, his first set 6-2 and his second set 6-1. Junior Arthur Zeyda was next. Though he dominated his first set with a score of 6-2, his opponent came back to win a hard fought second set of 6-7 and the tie-breaker with 0-1.

The last seat went to Sophomore Ezra Goldman who had a very tough match. Both sets went to Wittenberg with a score of 6-3 in each. Though the Yeomen had a few difficulties, they still came out on top with a victory of 4-3.


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