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Chemistry to Lead Yeomen Through Season

As the season shifts from winter to spring, so does the attention from indoor sports to our nation’s pastime, baseball. Last spring, the Oberlin College baseball team finished the season with a 12-24 record. This spring, the Yeomen look to improve on that mark and compete for the NCAC crown.

Returning to the Oberlin ranks are six of their eight starting position players from last year. This continuity should help Oberlin, as the players will know how to play well with each other. The returning players also have had another year to develop their skills, which should lead to improvement both on the field and at the plate.

To complement the rest of the team this spring are seven first-years. While most of the positions are settled on at the start of the season, the first-years will still be able to help the team through their contributions.

Oberlin’s roster of 21 players means added depth, which could prove to be very valuable down the road. There are three new pitchers joining the staff this year, as well as at least one new player to back up every position on the field. There will be some competition for playing spots, which may lead to much better play from the Yeomen. With such a large number of new players, the issue of team chemistry could be raised.

“Our team chemistry is improved from years past, and everyone is just having fun,” said junior pitcher Jaremy Rich. “Everyone on this team is excited about the upcoming season and ready to play above and beyond our expectations.”

The pitching staff will look to rebound from a rough season last year. The experience gained should help the pitchers deal with tough situations this coming season. The pitching staff this season has eight members, a rotation that should help give pitchers rest in such a hectic schedule.

This year looks promising for Oberlin baseball. There is experience all throughout the diamond. The bench is deep, as is the pitching staff. If all the bits and pieces fall into place, Oberlin could make a run in the NCAC this year.

Senior first baseman Joe Sheehan, junior shortstop Seth Binder and senior outfielder Chad Kutting are the co-captains for the upcoming season. Kutting is returning for a second season as the team’s captain.

“This year is our year,” said Rich. “We finally have the talent, the coaching and the teamwork to make it happen.”

Oberlin will look to start out the season on the right foot with a win on the road March 11 at play Earlham College.


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