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In The Locker Room with the Goldman brothers

Brothers Ezra and Noah Goldman contribute greatly to the Oberlin athletic scene. Ezra is a sophomore tennis player and Noah is a first-year basketball player; both play key roles in their respective programs. These second-generation Obies from Florida sat down this week and discussed a wide range of topics from why they chose to display their talents as Yeomen to who the better ping-pong player is.

MT: As second-generation Oberlin students, did your family connections have a lot to do with your decision to come here?
NG: Yeah. My dad and Ezra both told me how great an experience it was to come here and how much fun they had. I figured, why miss out on all the good times?
EG: It is so much better than all the other NCAC schools like OWU and Kenyon!

MT: What about the environment here at Oberlin, what would you say has helped you the most in becoming the stud athletes you are?
NG: The dining services of course! They are excellent! I just go and eat everything I see because I have no food in my room. If I had food in my room though, I would eat all that too.

MT: How would you describe your relationship going to school and as athletes?
EG: We’re boys, we roll together.
NG: We eat at least one meal a day together and we love going out places.

MT: Who has inspired you the most to accomplish the things you have?
EG: Homer Simpson has shown what is right and wrong and taught us about the trials and tribulations that life is full of.

MT: Do you guys compete against each other in recreational sports to keep your competitive edge?
NG: I would say we are pretty competitive across the board when we play recreationally against each other.
EG: Yeah, but I am the better ping-pong player.
NG: That is not true at all. (Argument ensues along with some brotherly wrestling.)
EG: But I also dabble in racquetball and Jai Alai.
NG: Jai Alai?
EG: This kid is from Florida and does not know what Jai Alai is? You know Jackass the MTV show and the episode where they peg the guy a bunch with the ball?
NG: Oh yeah, that was hilarious. That’s Jai Alai; oh I’m ill at that game.

MT: Noah, what are your feelings about this basketball season?
NG: Well we were young and it was tough at points but overall it was a lot of fun and I can’t wait for next season.

MT: Ezra what are your thoughts on the upcoming tennis season?
EG: We have a strong team and we have started off on the right track. We have a match coming up soon that we should do well in and hopefully will be 7-0.


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