Place Your Bets Spring Back Course Catalog Changes Jazz at Oberlin
National League MVP Albert Pujols and the rest of Major League Baseball begin the 2006 season.Students present animated dance concert with colorful choreography.Look inside: the scoop on the whys and wherefores behind the new online course catalog.The Artist Recital Series brings jazz legend Wayne Shorter to Finney.
The Oberlin Review
April 7, 2006

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Off-Campus Housing Policy Aggravates Students

While in Oberlin’s past all seniors were guaranteed off-campus housing, this year only 465 students were allowed off-campus.

CFC Considers Four Faculty Cuts

For the first time since the proposal not to refill the vacated Asian-American History professorship last semester, College Faculty Council and Educational Plans and Policies Committee have identified four more positions that are under consideration for elimination.

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Softball Suns, Runs and Gets a Win in Florida

The Oberlin College softball team faced some great competition and warm weather on their recent week-long escapade to Florida.

Tennis Team Rollercoasters through Spring Break

The Yeomen tennis team has had a good run these past few weeks.

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