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Women’s Lacrosse Fights Hard in Recent Defeat
You’re Mine: First-year midfielder Grace Eginton uses swarming defense to frustrate her opponent in a game against Ohio Wesleyan.

The Yeowomen suffered a tough loss to the juggernauts of Ohio Wesleyan Bishops, 20-7 this past Saturday. The team had strong performances from many key players against their highly ranked opponent. Top execution from sophomore fire-thrower Kaitlin Barrer and the smallest brick wall in the north, sophomore Ashley Allen, gave the team an inspirational edge. First-year superstar Lela Hull had yet another game riddled with goals. While feeding off such Rocky-esque performances, the team has had moments of brilliance, the team is not satisfied and is looking to channel their motivation toward some big wins.

Facing OWU for the first time in the goal, Ashley Allen had a game with which any other experienced goalie would be well satisfied. The “Rejecter,” as some call her, had 20 saves in only her ninth start. Barrer netted two more goals Saturday to raise her point (goals and assists) total to 24. Captain and senior leader Beth Sebian also became the fourth team member to break 20 points in the season with an assist.

Hull yet again had a standout performance, complemented by fans chanting “She’s A FRESHMAN! [clapclap, clapclapclap]!” Hull scored four more goals, raising her season point total to a jaw-dropping 38. Combined with strong senior leadership, the coach and team plan to finish the season on a high note. Barrer feels the team has what it takes, but they have found it difficult to put all the pieces together in order to achieve their ultimate goals. “We have heart, we just need to figure out how to augment it,” Barrer said.

Sebian definitely believes things are set to turn around for the OC women lacrosse players. “OWU and Denison are the only teams in the NCAC besides us that have the same coaching staff as last year and they are probably the toughest teams we will face. The setup is perfect for us to come through as underdogs and rack up some huge W’s.”

The team’s optimism will take them into an exciting home match up against Allegheny this Saturday. After playing the toughest opponents early on, the Yeowomen are looking top notch and are ready to keep firing from all sides. Oberlin plays at noon.


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