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Men’s Tennis .500 in NCAC

Yeomen tennis has had a tough run in the past two weeks. On April 7, the Yeomen began their first match of the Great Lakes Colleges Association tournament at Lexington against Wabash. They started well by winning the doubles competition and gaining the early lead. In singles, the men had to fight to stay ahead, winning three out of their six matches and taking the victory 4-3.

Their next match was against Kalamazoo on the same day. This match proved to be even more difficult than the last as Kalamazoo swept both doubles and the singles. The ending score was 0-5.

The men resumed the tournament the next day against Hope College. It was another challenging match for the Yeomen as Hope swept the doubles competition and won three out of the five singles matches to win 2-4.

The men’s final match of the GLCA was against Albion College. Albion took the doubles competition, with the only Oberlin win going to the number two singles, sophomores Colin Burling and Goldman, who won 8-4. In singles, sophomore Chris Pray was the only player to win for the Yeomen, winning his sets 6-1 and 6-4. The final score was 1-4 Albion.

On April 13, the Yeomen had a home game against Kenyon. In a surprising turn of events, Kenyon dominated the entire match and effectively shut out the Yeomen, winning 0-7. After the difficult loss, the Yeomen went on to face Allegheny two days later on April 15.

In doubles, the men took the competition with two wins, the first by the number one pair, sophomore Chris Pray and junior Jimmy Rosenheim, winning 8-5, and the second by the number two doubles senior David Cotter and sophomore Colin Burling, winning 8-5 as well. The guys weren’t as fortunate in the singles competition, however, as the only victories went to Pray and Rosenheim, ending in a final score of 3-4 Allegheny.

The men’s most recent match was one of their rougher ones as they played against Denison on April 18. The Yeomen were unable to counter, as Denison took the match by storm, ending in a complete shut out against the Yeomen of 0-7. As it now stands, the Yeomen’s current record is 11-8, 3-3 in NCAC rank.

Though they’ve had a tough series of matches recently, the Yeomen eagerly await their last conference game against Earlham that will be played this coming Saturday.


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