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Yeowomen Lose to Big Red

The women’s tennis team has had a string of wins recently starting with a 4-0 victory over the College of Wooster on April 5.

Their next match was on April 8, playing against Malone. The ladies had a great start as they quickly overcame Malone in doubles. The ones were sophomore Kimiko Glynn and junior Bianca Barr, who won their match 8-3.

They were followed by sophomore Hillary Hueter and first-year Elizabeth Anzinger, who won 8-5 and the threes, first-years Jane and Olivia Hayden. This was the first time the Hayden twins have played together this year and they did a great job, winning 8-6.

In singles, Glynn and Barr both won in straight sets. First-years Kelly Sipp and Sarah Teitelbaum played the five and six. The three and four, played by sophomore Jackie Golden and senior Kate Lurain, had much tougher matches to deal with.

Golden, winning her first set 7-6, lost the second and went to a tie-breaker in the third set, which she won 10-8. Lurain was in a similar situation. After dominating the first set 6-1 she lost the second. The third set went to a tie-breaker as well, but Lurain was unable to get the win, losing 8-10. The final score of the match was 8-1, with Oberlin gaining the win.

The ladies’ next match was April 15 against Allegheny. The Yeowomen started off strong as they swept the doubles competition again. In singles, Glynn had a shaky start at the one, losing her first set 3-6. She quickly came around in the second to win the second 6-3 and finished with a dominating third set in which she won 6-1.

Oberlin then gained three more points from Lurain, Anzinger and Olivia Hayden. They all won in straight sets at the four, five and six singles spots. The Yeowomen defeated the Gators 7-2, making their record 7-7, 2-2 in NCAC.

Their winning streak ended when they faced off against Denison University. Ranked top in both the conference and the region, Denison gave the ladies a hard run on Tuesday, April 18. The Yeowomen came out hard and put up a good fight.

Doubles went to Denison after three grueling matches and left top player Barr ill, forcing the team to move up one spot. Oberlin was only able to pull out two wins against Denison, the first going to Glynn at the one and the second going to Olivia Hayden playing the two. The final score against Denison was 2-7, leaving the Yeowomen’s current record 7-8. The ladies go on to face Earlham this Saturday, April 22, along with the men’s team.


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