The Oberlin Review
September 8, 2006

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Dean Harry Hirsch Resigns

On Wednesday at 5 p.m. President Nancy Dye sent a mass e-mail to the college faculty announcing Dean of Arts and Science Harry Hirsch’s resignation, effective immediately.

Dye’s Evaluation Sparks Disagreement

This year’s annual Board of Trustee evaluation of President Nancy Dye was conducted differently from prior years, stirring up discontent among Oberlin College faculty...

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More Faculty Cuts Approved
Oberlin Commits to “Silver” Standards
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College Housing Plans Proceed to Next Phase


Yeowomen Soccer Return From California Adventure

The Oberlin women’s soccer team reported for a week of preseason before embarking on a sunny trip to southern California to play two games, train and sight-see.

Field Hockey Defeats Sewanee 3-1, Loses to Centre

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Despite Lack of Goals, Strong Defense Keeps Yeomen Undefeated
Volleyball Goes .500 in Ohio Wesleyan Tournament
Cross Country Finishes Fourth and Sixth
Football Plays Well in Heartbreaking Loss