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Students encounter a kind of roach they won't smoke

Bizarre occurrences have the tendency to crop up during finals time. Computers crash. Peaceful library study is interrupted by people running in the nearly-nude. An influenza outbreak plagues the entire introductory psychology class. And, in 2002, a roach infestation is discovered in the DeCafé and Rat.
–News Editors

December 6, 2002

DeCafé employees found themselves bugging out last night after a routine inspection uncovered a nest of cockroaches living under the floor tiles. Spraying the nest sent the cockroaches crawling out all over the floor.

“There were so many bugs down there that the nests were pushing up the floor tiles,” a College employee, who asked to remain nameless, said.

College officials decided to close down the DeCafé and the Rat beginning this morning in order to deal with the infestation. They insisted, however, that the insects had not put student health in jeopardy.

“I don’t think this will pose any health issues,” Director of Residential Life and Dining Services Kim LaFond said.

“All old buildings have a certain number of insects in them,” General Manager of Dining Services Jack Cahill said. “I don’t perceive the problem as any different than in any other clean facility.”

LaFond did not believe that the problem merits informing public health authorities. “We’ll do a very thorough inspection before we open on Monday,” he said.

Cahill also expected the dining facilities to re-open on Monday, but cautioned that “that depends on these people getting the work they told us they’d do completed on time.”


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