The Oberlin Review
February 16, 2007

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Art Students Struggle With Finances

Art supplies are expensive. Not just at Oberlin and not just now.

A Rare Snow Day for Obies After a Blizzard

The bitter cold that greeted students upon their return back to campus was just nippy in comparison to the massive winter storm that tore through Oberlin earlier this week.

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Oberlin Runners Burn up the Track

As the cold of winter envelops the campus of Oberlin College, the rubber soles from the shoes of the indoor track team are beginning to leave scorch marks at just the right moment.

Women's B-ball Stays Alive

In the Locker Room: Elvis Francois

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The Smokin' History of Oberlin

This winter, more Ohio smokers than ever have found themselves making the tough decision between waiting to smoke that next cigarette or braving the icy, biting weather that awaits them outdoors.

Creative Writing Class Provides an Alternative

Like many Oberlin students, sophomore David Merriman became frustrated with the creative writing department’s exclusivity, rigid structure and workshop-style classes.

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