The Oberlin Review
April 6, 2007

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SFC Denies Funds to Service Trips

After allocating $5,000 to an Immerse Yourself in Service trip that took place over last year’s spring break, the Student Finance Committee refused to provide similar student trips with financial support this year, frustrating organizers and raising questions about the fairness of SFC’s decision.

Contraceptive Prices Rise Nationwide

College students across the nation are noticing a disturbing trend of prices doubling or even tripling for contraceptives they had previously received at large discounts.

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Baseball 4-0 in NCAC Play

Oberlin College baseball is off to its best start ever in the North Coast Athletic Conference.

Women's Lacrosse Dominates in Texas

The women’s lacrosse team had a rocky start to the season with a 7-19 loss to a very impressive Notre Dame College on March 20.

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