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The Last Presidential Search

The Oberlin Presidential Search Committee has identified its final candidate to succeed Nancy Dye! And 14 years ago this month, Oberlin was also welcoming its future president Fred Starr, who took the place of Emil Danenberg. Many faculty members were enthusiastic about the new president, who they fancied as quite the renaissance man.

–The News Team

May 13, 1993

S. Frederick Starr will become Oberlin’s 12th president July 1, bringing with him an array of experiences, interests and achievements. Nearly as diverse as Starr’s fields of interest are the College faculty’s expectations for the upcoming year, although all agree on one point: it’s going to be a year worth watching.

Starr’s pursuits include jazz, Slavic language, archaeology, architecture, Turkish, and civic activities. “This is something we haven’t had before,” [Professor of Spanish Sanford] Sheperd said.

Professor of Government and Economics Robert Tufts predicts that “Oberlin and Mr. Starr will find each other congenial.” Tufts cited Starr’s background as being compatible with Oberlin’s traditionally high level if interest in international affairs.

Tufts, who attended a performance of Starr’s jazz ensemble in New Orleans during the presidential search, expressed a common Oberlin sentiment about the musical side of the president-elect: “I hope that he will promptly form a jazz band at Oberlin and perform often.”


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